Drawn cup needle roller bearing material determines its performance

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Rolling bearing ring and rolling body, one side repeatedly suffer high contact pressures, along with a sliding rolling contact. Maintain, on either side of the side with the ring and rolling body, or its one side sliding contact, a tension and contraction force. Consequently, for bearing ring, rolling body and maintain information, performance, important request as follows. Ring, rolling body materials requested performance: rolling fatigue strength high hardness, high resistance to friction consumption to maintain the performance of the frame information requested: size stability good mechanical strength, moreover, also need good workability. Based on the use of different, and request the impact resistance, heat resistance, erosion resistance is good. Ring and rolling body materials: ring and rolling body usually use high carbon chromium bearing steel. Big local bearing, using JIS SUJ2 steel grade. Use SUJ3 large bearing. The chemical composition of SUJ2, around the world, for bearing data has been normalized. For example: with AISL52100 ( The United States) DIN100Cr6 ( West Germany) BS535A99 ( The UK) All belong to the same steel. Need to further impact resistance, as a bearing material using nickel chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, chrome molybdenum steel, taking permeability charcoal quenching, make the steel from appearance to the appropriate depth has a soft layer. With proper softening depth, fine organization, appropriate hardness hardness of appearance and the core permeability coal bearing, than using the bearing steel bearing has excellent resistance to impact, the chemical composition of individual permeability coal bearing steel. NSK has a vacuum degassing, so, the use of data cleaning degree is high, less oxygen content, good quality. Then take the appropriate thermal solution, make the bearing rolling quantity of exhausted life obvious progress. The steel grade, according to the special use, with excellent heat resistance of high speed steel, good erosion resistance of stainless steel. Maintain frame materials: stamping maintain data, using low carbon steel. Based on the use of different, also use brass, stainless steel plate. Be maintained system frame of data, using brass, carbon steel, high strength, moreover also utilizes decomposition of resin.
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