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Maintenance steps of spindle bearings

Maintenance steps of spindle bearings


1. Strictly implement the replacement of the main shaft bearing, and make appropriate adjustments according to its working state.

2. New spindle bearings should be inspected before use. The content of the inspection is whether the packaging is complete (preferably with instructions and certificates of conformity). Whether the identification (factory name, model) is clear. Cosmetic integrity (corrosion, damage).

3. After the new bearing has passed the inspection, it does not need to be cleaned under normal working conditions (level 2 exceeds the motor), and the new bearing cannot be cleaned. .

4. After replacing the bearing, the bearing cover and bearing should be cleaned. There are two cleaning methods, coarse cleaning and fine cleaning. The oil used for rough cleaning is clean or kerosene, and the oil used for fine cleaning is clean. .

6. After the bearing is cleaned, be flexible when turning it by hand. The radial and axial swing of the hand can preliminarily judge whether there is looseness or clearance. Check clearance if necessary. If there is serious wear, rust and metal loss, such as ball or roller brackets, etc., it needs to be replaced in time.

7. After the bearing is cleaned, wipe it (or dry it) with a white cloth, and add lubricating grease that meets the requirements. It is not possible to add different types of grease to the same bearing.

8. It is strictly forbidden to generate dust during the refueling process. Apply oil with clean hands, slowly turn the bearing with one hand, and push the oil into the groove of the bearing with the middle and index fingers of the other hand. After one side is painted, do the other side to remove excess oil.

9. Bearing and bearing cover oil volume: The oil volume of the bearing cover is 1/2-2/3 of the bearing cover (the maximum value of the motor is the maximum value). The amount of oil in the bearing is 2/3 of the inner cavity of the inner and outer rings (the maximum value of the motor is the highest).

10. When changing the engine oil, the motor end cover, oil filling port and exhaust port should also be cleaned to ensure smooth flow. . When refueling, be sure to add oil to the maximum.

11. When there is an oil filling port on the motor, add lubricating oil frequently. According to the operation needs and operating conditions of the motor, determine the oil supply cycle (two-pole motors usually work 500 hours in 24 hours).

12. During the oil replenishment process, the oil replenishment hole must be clean. The replenishment of lubricating oil should be limited to only 2°C rise in bearing temperature. .

13. When disassembling the bearing, ensure that the stress points of the support (inner ring above the shaft, inner ring of the end cover) and the outer ring are even. . The preferred methods are press fit (small motors) and shrink fit (large motors). .

14. When installing the bearing, apply a small amount of lubricating oil evenly on the contact surface. After installation, check the clearance between the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft shoulder (preferably no clearance).

15. The heating temperature of the bearing heat shrinkable sleeve process is 80-100°C, and heating at 80-100°C for 10 minutes. The oil temperature should be guaranteed to use non-corrosive, thermally stable mineral oil (preferably transformer oil). Install a metal net at 50-70 mm on the top of the fuel tank, place the bearings in the net, and hang large bearings with hooks.

16. Regularly check the motor and record the running status of the motor (motor vibration, motor bearing temperature, motor running current). Generally speaking, a two-pole motor with more than 75 kW is used once a day. If abnormalities are found, the inspection shall be strengthened and relevant departments shall be notified.

17. The maintenance work of the bearing should be well recorded in order to determine the replacement cycle of the bearing and the quality of the bearing.

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