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Reasons and solutions for bearing noise

Reasons and solutions for bearing noise


During the operation of the equipment, the bearing often makes noise. Today, I will share with you the noise classification of the bearing, the reason for the noise and the treatment method, hoping to help you better judge the bearing failure in production.

1- If the bearing is in a good continuous rotation state, it will emit a low whine or buzzing sound. Sharp hissing, squeaking and other irregular sounds often indicate that the bearing is in poor continuous rotation. 

High-pitched creaking noises can be caused by improper lubrication. Improper bearing clearance can also cause metallic noise.

2-Indentations in the bearing outer race track can cause vibration and produce a smooth, crisp sound.

3- If there is intermittent noise, it means that the rolling parts may be damaged. This sound occurs when the damaged surface is rolled over, and contamination in the bearing often causes a hissing sound. 

Severe bearing damage can produce irregular and loud noises.

4- If it is due to the knocking scars caused by the installation, it will also produce noise, and the noise will vary with the speed of the bearing speed.

Solutions for different noises

1-Loud metal noise

(1) Reason: abnormal load. Countermeasures: Study the bearing clearance, adjust the load, and correct the position of the housing shoulder.

(2) Reason: poor installation. Countermeasures: Machining accuracy of shaft and housing, improve installation accuracy and installation method.

(3) Reason: insufficient or unsuitable lubricant. Countermeasures: Supplement lubricants and choose suitable lubricants.

(4) Reason: The rotating parts are in contact. Countermeasure: Modify the contact part of the labyrinth seal.

2-regular noise

(1) Reason: Indentation, rust or scars on the rolling surface caused by foreign matter. Countermeasures: replace bearings, clean relevant parts, improve sealing devices, and use clean lubricants.

(2) Reason: (after carburizing of steel) surface deformation. Countermeasure: replace the bearing, pay attention to its use.

(3) Reason: The raceway surface is peeled off. Countermeasure: Replace the bearing.

3-Irregular noise

(1) Reason: The clearance is too large. Countermeasures: Study the fit and bearing clearance, and modify the preload.

(2) Reason: foreign body intrusion. Countermeasures: replace bearings, clean relevant parts, improve sealing devices, and use clean lubricants.

(3) Reason: spherical injury, peeling. Countermeasure: Replace the bearing.

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