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Four material bearing characteristics and use

Four material bearing characteristics and use


Bearings according to the different materials, there are four common categories: ceramic bearings, stainless steel bearings, bearing steel bearings and carbon steel bearings.As ceramic bearing, stainless steel bearing and other bearings of different materials, in the production process and use, have a great impact on the performance and reliability of the bearing, so in the selection of bearings of different materials should be based on the specific application requirements to choose the most appropriate.

Our products range from micro bearings with diameter of 1mm to large bearings with external diameter of 1000mm.Below, strong li bearing from the bearing use environment and requirements, etc., for you to explain the characteristics of the four material bearing and use:.

I. Ceramic bearings

Ceramic bearings are characterized by cold resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetoelectric insulation resistance, high speed and oil-free self-lubrication.In extremely harsh environment and special conditions, it is indispensable;It is widely used in aviation, navigation, petroleum, chemical, automobile, electronic equipment, metallurgy, electric power, textile, medical equipment, instruments, toys, and ultra-high vacuum environment.It belongs to a new material application of high-tech products.

Two, stainless steel bearing

Stainless steel bearing can be used under special conditions such as acid resistance and water resistance, and because of high mechanical strength, large load capacity.Widely used in food processing, medical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, widely used. 

Stainless steel bearing has good oxidation resistance;Corrosion resistance and non-magnetic, especially suitable for harsh production environment, with large bearing capacity;High service life;Maintenance free.High strength and high precision are achieved by the high strength and high precision of the stainless steel bearing.

Bearing steel bearing

Bearing steel is the steel used to make ball bearings, rollers and bearing rings.Bearing work under great pressure and friction, so the bearing steel is required to have a high and uniform hardness and wear resistance, as well as a high elastic limit.

High carbon chromium bearing steel GCr15 is the world's largest production of bearing steel, carbon Wc is approximately 1%, Wcr chromium content is approximately 1.5%, since 1901 more than 100 years, the main composition is basic has not changed, with the progress of science and technology, the research work on, continuously improve product quality, accounting for over 80% of the total world bearing steel production.So much so that what we now refer to as bearing steel, without special instructions, is GCr15.

Bearing steel bearings sold throughout the country, bearing steel bearings exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Bearing steel bearing products at home and abroad by the majority of customers welcome and praise.Bearing steel bearing, because of its good stability, high hardness, good wear resistance is widely used in the bearing production material industry.

Carbon steel bearings

Carbon steel bearing is characterized by low price, the use of the occasion of the bearing is not too high requirements.

Carbon steel bearings sell well all over the country, carbon steel bearings are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Carbon steel bearing products at home and abroad by the majority of merchants welcome and praise.Low carbon steel bearings are used for fishing line wheels, transport machinery and other machinery parts and various pulleys.

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