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Matters needing attention in the use and maintenance of rolling bearing housing materials

Matters needing attention in the use and maintenance of rolling bearing housing materials


Before the inspection of the rolling bearing seat, the surface of the rolling bearing seat shall be cleaned and the surrounding parts of the rolling bearing seat shall be removed.Here must pay attention to, the oil seal is very fragile parts, so in the inspection and disassembly of the rolling bearing seat do not excessive force, so as not to cause damage to the parts.If the oil seal of the rolling bearing seat and its surrounding parts have shown bad symptoms, please be sure to replace it, so as not to cause bad oil seal will lead to the damage of the rolling bearing seat.

Many later found that rolling bearing seat life is too short, found that in addition to other factors normal, do not know the quality of lubricants also directly affected.The inspection method of rolling bearing seat lubricant is as follows: touch a little bit of lubricant in the friction between two fingers, if there are pollutants, it can be felt out;Or apply a thin layer of lubricant on the back of your hands and check for light sealing.Then it is time to change the lubricant of the rolling bearing seat.Note: it is best to filter the oil before use.While the rolling bearing seat lubricated with grease is being replaced, the dispenser used should avoid any part of the rolling bearing seat with cotton material connecting Angle.Because these residual fibers can wedge into the rolling parts and cause damage, especially for small rolling bearings.

Never expose rolling bearings to contaminants or moisture when inspecting them.If work is interrupted, cover the machine with oiled paper, plastic film or similar material.The working environment of rolling bearing seat is also very important, a lot of machinery rolling bearing seat is because the working environment is not good, resulting in the rolling bearing seat life early end.

The function of preventing adhesion and forming boundary lubrication when the shaft diameter is in direct contact with the bearing bush.The material factors affecting the friction compatibility of the friction pair are:

(1) the difficulty of forming the alloy on the metallurgy of the auxiliary material.

(2) affinity between materials and lubricants.

(3) friction factor of the auxiliary material in the state of no lubrication.

(4) microstructure of the material.

(5) thermal conductivity of the material.

(6) the surface energy of the material and the characteristics of the oxide film.

The ability of the material to allow foreign hard particles in the lubricant to clamp in and prevent scratches or (and) abrasive wear.For metallic materials, the hardness is low and the elastic modulus is low, the embeddability is good, while non-metallic materials are not necessarily, such as carbon graphite, the elastic modulus is low, but the embeddability is not good.Sliding rolling bearing seat is usually made of soft material and hard material to form the friction amplitude.

In the process of running-in of shaft diameter and bearing bush, the machining error, coaxiality error and surface roughness parameter value of shaft diameter and bearing bush are reduced to make the contact average, thus reducing the ability of friction and wear rate.

The elastoplastic deformation of the material near the surface compensates for the poor initial fit of the sliding friction surface and the deflection of the shaft.Materials with low modulus of elasticity have better compliance.

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