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Smart manufacturing, reliable operation WXing is on display at the 2019 China international machine tool exhibition

Smart manufacturing, reliable operation WXing is on display at the 2019 China international machine tool exhibition


Rotating equipment performance (REP) shows the overall solution including the spindle unit, the connected oil and gas lubrication system and the imx-8 online status monitoring, and can view the equipment data in real time through the field kanban for analysis and diagnosis. WXing  hopes to continuously innovate in big data and digitalization by integrating products, technologies, knowledge and services related to bearing and rotating equipment, so as to form integrated solutions for customers, improve equipment reliability and reduce total cost of ownership.

At the same time, WXing  debuted WXing 's new silent series of ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings. Specially designed for the Asian market, this series of bearings features "quiet is peace of mind", which can significantly reduce the noise level and heat while improving the rotating stability. The optimized tolerance and new marking specification make the bearing assembly easier, installation more efficient, and efficient integral seal to prevent pollutants from entering. Through the newly launched ultra-precision bearing data manager APP, the two-dimensional code logo on the bearing can be scanned, and the key parameter specifications and installation information of the bearing can also be learned.

The MCU 35BAR PUMP, a new generation of single-line grease lubrication PUMP, will also be displayed on the same platform. Gear pump than plunger pump anti-pollution capacity, easy to oil, no need to exhaust; Equipped with mechanical pressure relief valve, no need of solenoid valve and its control circuit; Large flow, short lubrication cycle and many other advantages, help the equipment worry-free operation.

The exhibition booth not only includes a series of wonderful exhibits of ultra-precision bearing in 3C industry and processing center solutions, sealing solutions, trace lubrication systems, etc., but also shows the professional ability of WXing  in precision maintenance and repair of machine tools. SKF's powerful machine tool spindle refurbishment service enables refurbished and upgraded machine tool spindles to achieve superior performance, extend service life and reduce costs.

WXing  hopes to take this exhibition as an opportunity to provide complete products, services and solutions for China's machine tool industry by virtue of WXing 's profound industry knowledge and experience, as well as digital innovation breakthrough, so as to meet the rapid development needs of China's machine tool industry, better serve local customers, and work together towards the machine tool industry 4.0.HTB1NBVLXVzsK1Rjy1Xbq6xOaFXaf

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