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The maximum limit speed that the bearing can bear

The maximum limit speed that the bearing can bear


Custom-designed product of the kite board polymer bearings incorporated into its freestyle kite power land board.These boards usually use heavy-duty ball bearing kits to race small diameter wheels that must withstand continuous driving speeds of up to 48 km/h. They are usually used in dirty, salty and humid environments and therefore require regular cleaning and lubrication

The total weight of the board is also an important consideration in this sport.The riders tend to be at an altitude of 6 meters in the air, performing aerial skills and often landing heavily.Standard bearings are usually heavy, expensive, corrosion-prone and require frequent maintenance to ensure satisfactory service life and performance.Knights often carry two sets of spare bearings and change them between meetings.However, stainless steel bearings are among the most expensive racers and suffer from influent abrasive materials.Custom-made products produced by kite board extremely lightweight land board using specially made titanium and carbon fiber shafts.Bearings are regularly loaded to custom carbon fiber and kevlar wheels.These help to improve technical performance, increase reliability, reduce costs, extend service life and improve overall quality.Bearings are also lubricated freely and resistant to dirt, dust and corrosion.Iglidur Z is a high temperature bearing material, which is suitable for very high specific loads.Iglidur Z is suitable for average high speed due to its high thermal resistance.

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