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Cylindrical roller bearing has high bearing capacity and compact structure

Cylindrical roller bearing has high bearing capacity and compact structure


Cylindrical roller bearings not only high bearing capacity, and compact structure, such as cylindrical roller tapered roller bearings T7FC, cylindrical roller bearings, series bearings.

Since the single row tapered roller bearing T7FC has a relatively large contact Angle, it can withstand high radial force and unidirectional axial force at the same time.The O - or X-type bearing assembly can withstand radial forces, torques and bidirectional axial forces.

The biggest advantage of the X-Life series bearing is that its rated dynamic load is 20% higher than the previous structure, so the basic rated life is also increased by 70%.Thus, the cost to the customer can be reduced by reducing the bearing size.

Cylindrical roller bearing full cylindrical roller bearing is composed of machined inner and outer rings and cylindrical roller guided by the edge, so the number of its rolling body can reach the maximum, and has extremely high radial bearing capacity and high rigidity, so it is especially suitable for the design of compact structure.It can also withstand axial forces when used as a semi-fixed end or fixed end bearing.

In the X-Life structure, we have made important improvements in the geometry of the contact surface between the end face of the rolling body and the wing, so that the maximum allowable axial load of such bearings can now reach 60% of the radial load.

Cylindrical roller bearing in series, it can bear extremely high axial force in the minimum radial space, and long working life, low friction.

Cylindrical roller series bearing is composed of several thrust cylindrical roller and retainer components in series, and it is mainly used as a mass production product.Its inner and outer rings and gaskets need to be installed with each other. Their elastic system ensures that each stage of the series bearing is always under uniform load. The inner and outer rings and rings are made of hard alloy steel.

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