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How to make better use of joint bearings

How to make better use of joint bearings


To better good joint bearing, we must first know what advantages and disadvantages it has.Only after understanding the characteristics of joint bearing can we make full use of it.The advantages and disadvantages of joint bearing are introduced in detail below:

The advantages of joint bearings are mainly as follows:

1. Joint bearing is suitable for application on any bearing in space;The joint bearing has been standardized, serialized and generalized, which is suitable for mass production and supply. It is very convenient for use and maintenance.

The joint bearing not only has higher operation accuracy, but also bears both radial and axial loads.The internal clearance of joint bearing is very small, the machining accuracy of each part is higher, so the operation accuracy is higher.At the same time, joint bearing rigidity can be increased by preloading.This is very important for precision machinery. Some joint bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, so the structure of joint bearing support can be simplified.

Joint bearing lubrication is convenient.Joint bearing transmission efficiency is high, less heat, so it can reduce the consumption of lubricating oil, lubrication maintenance is more convenient;

The deficiencies of joint bearings are mainly in the following three aspects:

A, vibration and noise, especially in the late use, so the precision requirements are very high, and not allowed to have the occasion of vibration, rolling joint bearing is difficult to be competent, the general choice of sliding joint bearing effect is better;

2. Especially sensitive to foreign bodies such as metal chips.Once the foreign body in the joint bearing will produce intermittent large vibration and noise, but also cause early damage.In addition, joint bearing due to metal inclusions is also prone to the possibility of early damage, even if the early damage does not occur, the rolling joint bearing life has a certain limit.Generally speaking, the lifetime of joint bearings is shorter than that of sliding joint bearings.

The bearing capacity is much smaller than that of sliding joint bearings of the same size.Therefore, the radial dimension of joint bearings is required to be large.Therefore, sliding joint bearings are often used in large load bearing occasions and occasions requiring small radial size and compact structure.

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