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The world's largest production base of bearing giant was put into operation

The world's largest production base of bearing giant was put into operation


SKF, the Swedish bearing giant, held the launching ceremony of the world's largest ball bearing production base and research and development center in Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, on April 18.

The project of SKF ball bearing production base and R&D center in Xinchang is the largest ball bearing production base invested and constructed by SKF in the world, as well as the largest foreign invested project in Xinchang County in recent years.The project covers a total land area of about 130,000 square meters with a total investment of SEK 770 million. The first phase of the project started construction in July 2018, and the first production line was successfully put into operation in January last year.

According to SKF, the establishment of the new base realizes the strong combination of SKF's century-old technical capabilities and China's local manufacturing capabilities, so as to comprehensively improve the ball bearing product development and service capabilities, and better serve customers and end users in the Chinese market.The base takes local application as the innovation base, through the local independent research and development, fast and reliable supply system and the world's leading manufacturing technology, to create a world-class manufacturing base closer to customers, and by the digital enabling market entry mode, to form a perfect Chinese ball bearing full value chain layout.

Xinchang, as "the hometown of bearings in China", has a strong industrial foundation.In recent years, by seizing the opportunity of provincial pilot projects for the transformation and promotion of the bearing manufacturing industry and vigorously implementing precision investment attraction of the industrial chain, it has effectively promoted the high-quality development of the bearing industry.The official launch of SKF Xinchang ball bearing production base and research and development center reflects the speed and strength of Xinchang in attracting investment in the industrial chain, and also fully demonstrates SKF's recognition of the business environment in Shaoxing and Xinchang.The project can not only realize the localization research and production, will also be xinchang and stronger bearing long industrial chain, promote the development of manufacturing high quality growth energy storage to provide more power, to further popularization and application of intelligent manufacturing "xinchang model", speed up the implementation of the "double tenth contradiction cluster manufacturing three years action plan will play a positive role.

"Always adhere to the project enjoys is king, catch, catch big projects, with the breakthrough of the construction of the project to promote the real economy big promotion, economic and social development, especially around the industrial chain short, upstream and downstream demand, the main focus on introduction and cultivation chain enterprises and chain project, accelerate the delay chain chain strong chain, a large number of outstanding enterprises are set up and the high quality project, enjoysTo provide a steady stream of power for the high quality development of Xinchang, SKF is the most representative benchmark project."Xinchang county party committee county government related responsible person said.

It is worth mentioning that when the epidemic situation was still severe last year, SKF firmly put the second phase of the project in Xinchang.At present, the project is under intensive construction, and will become the largest single bearing manufacturing plant in China after completion and operation.

Source: Zhejiang Online

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