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Is the bearing grease lubricated or oil lubricated

Is the bearing grease lubricated or oil lubricated


The role of rolling bearing is to transform the sliding friction between shaft and shaft seat into rolling friction. In the process of rolling bearing operation, rolling friction will cause bearing heating and wear. In order to reduce friction and damage, rolling bearing operation needs lubrication.

What lubrication method can be used for rolling bearings

1, grease lubrication

2, oil lubrication

1. Grease lubrication of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings use grease as the lubricating medium, its advantages are that the fluidity of grease is small, it is not easy to leak, and the oil film strength is good, which is more conducive to the sealing of rolling bearings.At the same time, rolling bearings using grease lubrication can also extend the lubrication maintenance time, making bearing maintenance more simple.

Lubrication of rolling bearings with grease also has disadvantages. Compared with lubricating oil, the friction torque of grease is larger, and the applicability of rolling bearings requiring high speed operation is low.In addition, the cooling performance of grease lubrication is poor. If too much grease is added to the rolling bearing, the rolling bearing will be overheated due to stirring lubricant.

2, oil lubrication of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are lubricated by oil lubrication, which can achieve good cooling and cooling effect, especially suitable for rolling bearings with relatively high working temperature.The viscosity of lubricating oil used by rolling bearings is about 0.12 to 0.2cm/s. If the load of rolling bearings is high and the working temperature is high, the lubricating oil with high viscosity is selected, and the rolling bearings with fast speed are suitable for lubricating oil with low viscosity.

The disadvantage of oil lubrication for rolling bearings is that oil lubrication requires that bearings must be kept in a good sealed state to avoid the leakage of lubricating oil.In addition, oil lubrication needs to set up a more complex oil supply device, which is not as convenient as grease in operation and use, increasing the maintenance workload of rolling bearings.

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