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Selection method of rolling linear guide rail pair

Selection method of rolling linear guide rail pair


The rolling linear guide rail pair has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, high contact rigidity and high reliability. It is mainly used in the bed of machine tool, the table guide rail and the upright column, the lower lifting guide rail.We can choose according to the load size, by load direction, impact and vibration size.

1. Direction of force

The sliding block of the linear guide rail pair and the guide rail usually have 4 rows of arc raceway, so it can bear the load and turning moment in 4 directions.The bearing capacity of guide increases with the increase of raceway center distance.

2. Load size

Different specifications of rolling linear guide have different bearing capacity, which can be selected according to the bearing load.In order to ensure the ideal service life of each pair of rolling linear guide rails, the rated life and rated hour life can be calculated according to the approximate formula provided by the selected manufacturer, so as to set a reasonable maintenance and replacement cycle.Moreover, the influence of rolling resistance of each slider is considered after the slider bears the load, and the rolling resistance is calculated to determine the reasonable driving force.

3. Preload selection

According to the impact, vibration and precision requirements of the design structure, the appropriate preloading value is selected.

Current status of rolling linear guide pairs

At present, the foreign production of rolling linear guide rail pair manufacturers mainly concentrated in the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan and other countries.The manufacturing of rolling linear guide rail pair is still in the initial stage, compared with foreign countries, there is still a gap, the main performance is: less variety, small output, low service life, big noise, processing technology is not as advanced as foreign countries.Domestic enterprises, represented by nanjing technology equipment factory and guangdong kitt precision machinery co., LTD., are trying to narrow the gap. Some of their products have reached the international advanced level.

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