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NSK bearing's main product bearing is the foundation of the machinery industry. It is known as the "food industry's grain"; it can effectively ensure the quality of all industrial products; NSK's superb rotation technology and high-precision positioning technology ensure that the product is in" Submicron" range of absolute reliability. The "MOTION&CONTROL" (Operation and Control) pursued by NSK continues to improve the efficiency of rotation and operation through the endless exploration of friction phenomena, with a view to contributing to energy-saving movements and resource conservation on a global scale.

NSK bearing special products: nsk linear bearings, nsk ball bearing, NSK high-precision bearing series, this series of bearings use long-life bearing steel (Z steel) developed by NSK, vacuum refined steel (VAR steel) and ultra-long-life, high-reliability bearing steel (EP steel ) It is a material that contributes to the performance improvement of machinery used in various industries through excellent precision machining technology, and contributes to energy conservation and resource conservation. For example: TAC02, TAC03 series of thrust angular contact ball bearings for ball screw support of electric injection molding machine, TAC B series of high precision thrust angular contact ball bearings for precision screw support, NSK double row cylindrical roller for high speed and high rigidity of machine tool spindle Sub-bearings, etc.

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