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Bearing industry testing and testing technology field

Bearing industry testing and testing technology field


With the rapid development of precision manufacturing technology and the increasing precision of products in the world, the field of product detection and test technology has also achieved great development, and shows the characteristics of polymorphism and ultra-precision.From nanometer manufacturing to nanometer measurement, from intelligent instrument, virtual instrument to network instrument, the domestic bearing industry test and test technology field is gradually in line with the world in many aspects, and has developed a series of test instruments and test equipment suitable for the national conditions and national standards.On the other hand, China is gradually becoming the world's product manufacturing center, and foreign advanced manufacturing technology and test technology are increasingly impacting the domestic bearing industry.

Due to the gap between the application technology field and foreign countries, as well as the lack of understanding of product quality and testing by many enterprises in the industry, there is still a big gap between the domestic bearing testing instruments and testing equipment and the similar advanced enterprises in foreign countries.To make up for the product inspection and test technology and the shortage of foreign advanced technology and at the same time in order to satisfy the bearing industry, especially export-oriented enterprises and enterprises to form a complete set of new technology products to the quality indexes of the urgent demand of effective grasp and detection, and fundamentally control testing and technical renovation costs, change the past high precision testing instrument or equipment can only be imported from abroad, it need to improve in all respects, and special breakthrough in some areas.Considering from the same disk, on the one hand, we should make a breakthrough in advanced testing technology and control technology, on the other hand, we should improve the reliability and stability of existing testing and testing products.The two aspects go hand in hand and complement each other, so as to catch up with the world's advanced testing technology level at the same time, leading and promoting China's bearing industry in product development and the improvement of bearing quality, creating good conditions. 

I. in terms of advanced technology

1. With the rapid development of nanometer measurement technology, the technical economy has more and more high requirements for mechanical manufacturing. In particular, the rapid progress of computer technology has strongly promoted the progress of mechanical science and technology.At present, machining has broken through the feeding technology of 0.01 earthly m, the processing technology of 0.01 earthly m roundness and the nano-level roughness processing technology.The nanoscale processing technology will inevitably put forward higher requirements for product testing, and the existing instrument testing accuracy can no longer meet the requirements of the bearing industry for product testing.At the same time, the vertical extension of product precision will also bring great impact to the domestic instrument manufacturing industry, or even the crisis of being crowded out of the market, thus forcing bearing instrument manufacturers to increase their research and development efforts, actively draw close to the world's advanced technology, and improve the measurement technology to nanometer measurement suitable for nanometer processing.The most attractive part of the nanoscale measurement technology is the precision measurement of roundness isometric tolerance and precision rolling body dimensional tolerance.Roundness meter is an indispensable testing equipment in mechanical processing, its accuracy restricts the accuracy of mechanical processing, so the domestic and foreign development and production of roundness meter is very important, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries have been developing and producing a variety of roundness meter since the 1940s, 1950s, and constantly update.China has imported hundreds of roundness meters since the 1960s, and began to develop and produce several kinds of roundness meters in the 1970s, which filled the gap in domestic roundness measurement to a considerable extent and successfully penetrated into the field of roundness measurement.However, due to the limitations of product manufacturing technology at that time, the accuracy of the roundness meter developed in the early years has lagged behind with the development of time, and it can no longer meet the needs of the bearing industry. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the high-precision and multi-functional roundness meter with a higher technical starting point. 

In the developed industrial countries have a variety of roundness instrument, such as Britain, the United States, Germany and Japan in the 70 s as spindle is better than that of plus or minus 0.025 mu m precision roundness instrument has high precision, especially in Britain R.T.H company produces the roundness instrument performance is stable, has a high market share in the world, the company in the early 80 s to produce a new type of roundness instrument of roundness measurement uncertainty within the 0.005 mu m, magnification has reached 1 million times, reached a resolution of nanometer, represents the highest level of contemporary roundness instrument.In the 1990s, computer technology developed rapidly and was widely used in roundness meter. Roundness meter was more perfect in function, realizing the measurement of roundness, cylindricity, perpendicularity, inclination, flatness and other parameters, and adding slope analysis, harmonic analysis and other functions.Roundness meters in foreign countries are generally divided into two categories. One is the low speed sliding spindle that drives the sensor to rotate around the workpiece under test, such as the British TaIyrond73.The other is the revolving table of air floatation (or oil floatation) and the revolving table with the sensor not turning. The revolving precision of this kind of roundness meter is usually around 0.05 meters, such as Talyrond300.Foreign high-precision roundness meters generally adopt the method of separating spindle rotation error to improve measurement accuracy. The uncertainty of roundness measurement value of high-precision roundness meters after separation can reach 0.005 meters.There are also many types of roundness meters developed and produced in China. For example, Shanghai machine tool factory and zhongyuan measuring instrument factory follow TaLyrond51 model, with spindle rotation accuracy of 0.1m.The table roundness meter produced by Beijing machine tool co., LTD has a rotation accuracy of 0.05 meters.The high-speed roundness meter Y9025, developed by luo shaft institute in the 1970s, has created a new field of roundness measurement and won the national invention award. The spindle precision is 0.05 meters. Over the past ten years, this roundness meter has been widely used and sold about 400 sets in bearing and other industries at home and abroad.Luoyang 91 successfully transformed TALYROND51 roundness instrument, developed Y9025 Y9025G improve product in 96, 98 developed Y905, the spindle rotation accuracy of 0.04 mu m, electrical system has fully computerized, increased three methods of evaluation of roundness and slope analysis, harmonic analysis, and other functions, in 2002, the type of TALYROND73 roundness instrument, make it improve the precision.Through many years study of roundness measurement, has mastered the roundness measurement system technology, and master the development of the key technology of high precision roundness instrument - separation method and mathematical model of the spindle error, through the aspects of spindle of nanoscale uncertainty and spindle error separation technique, which provides a possible and ultimately achieve nanometer roundness measurement assurance.At present, this research and development plan is being carried out, and it is believed that it can be realized and put into the market soon. To a large extent, it is close to the measurement level of similar foreign instruments, so as to save a large testing cost for domestic manufacturers. 

2. Network technology bearing is a precision part, and there are strict process, testing methods and quality testing records in the processing.At present, ISO9000 series quality management system has been widely implemented in bearing processing enterprises in China, which has strict requirements on quality management, testing methods and especially testing records.It is the most basic requirement to record and archive all test results according to time. However, most domestic enterprises still generally use inspectors to record and archive test results manually in this regard, which results in the reliability of manually recorded data which is easy to make mistakes due to human factors.Due to the heavy workload of recording data and archiving, the inspector usually only archives the data of sampling inspection;Data analysis is difficult, such as doing some process analysis, statistical analysis, quality analysis and other complex calculations are very difficult. 

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