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the bearing adjustment, which is cannot be ignored after installing.

the bearing adjustment, which is cannot be ignored after installing.


After the bearing is installed, add the specified lubricant, and then carry out a test run to check whether there is noise and the temperature of the bearing.

The test run should be carried out under partial load conditions, and in the case of a large speed range, it should be run at medium and low speed.

Under no circumstances should a spherical roller bearing be started under no load and accelerated to high speed, because the rolling parts may slide on the bearing raceways, damaging the raceways, and the cage may also be subjected to impermissible pressure. Normally, the bearing will make a uniform "grunt" sound.

A whistling or screeching sound from the bearing indicates insufficient lubrication.

An uneven rumbling or thumping sound from a bearing is mostly due to debris in the bearing, or damage to the bearing during installation.

It is normal for the bearing temperature to rise immediately after starting.

For example, in the case of grease lubrication, the bearing temperature will not drop until the grease is evenly distributed inside the bearing, after which the equilibrium temperature will be reached.

Abnormally high temperature or the temperature continues to increase significantly, indicating that there may be too much lubricant inside the bearing, or the bearing has undergone radial or axial deformation, or the clearance is too small. Other causes include improper manufacture or installation of related components, or excessive friction in the seals.

During the test run or just after the test run, the seals should be checked to see if they are working properly, as well as the lubrication equipment and the oil level in the oil tank. Lubricant samples may also need to be drawn to determine if there is contamination inside the bearing, or wear of components inside the bearing.

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