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Application and maintenance of deep groove ball bearings

Application and maintenance of deep groove ball bearings


Deep groove ball bearings, in comparison with other types of the same size bearing friction loss minimum, high limit speed at high speed under the condition of unfavorable use thrust ball bearing, available such pure axial load bearing. If improve the manufacturing accuracy, and USES the bakelite, bronze, hard materials such as aluminum solid cage, its speed can also be improved.

Features of deep groove ball bearing:

The structure of deep groove ball bearing is simple, and compared with other types, it is easy to achieve higher manufacturing precision, so it is convenient for series mass production, and the manufacturing cost is lower, so it is widely used.When a larger radial clearance is selected, the axial bearing capacity is increased, and the contact Angle is zero when bearing pure radial force. When there is axial force, the contact Angle is greater than zero.In addition to the basic type of deep groove ball bearings, there are also a variety of variants, such as: deep groove ball bearings with dust cover;Deep groove ball bearing with rubber seal ring;Deep groove ball bearings with stops;Deep groove ball bearings with large load capacity and ball notch;But they all have the following characteristics in common:

1. Structurally, each ring of deep groove ball bearing has a continuous groove raceway with a cross section about one third of the circumference of the ball.

2. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the property of angular contact ball bearing and can withstand the alternations in two directions

Axial load of;

3, low friction, high speed;

4. Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy;

5. Stamping wave cage is generally used for bearings with an inner diameter greater than 200mm or running at high speed. Solid cage is made of car.

Installation application maintenance

The deep groove ball bearing is the most representative rolling bearing, which is widely used.It is suitable for the operation of high speed or even very high speed, and is very durable, with low maintenance cost and long operation cycle. However, professional technicians are required to check and maintain regularly to ensure the safety and reliability of operation and improve the operation cycle and quality.

Assembly of a deep groove ball bearing

The assembly of deep groove ball bearing requires the assembler to have high professional skills and strictly implement the technical requirements and operation rules in the assembly process.

Bearing installation will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, please fully study the bearing installation and install the bearing according to the following operating standards.

Clean the bearing and related parts (for the lubricated bearing and both sides with oil seal or dust cover, there is no need to clean the sealing ring bearing before installation.)

Check the dimensions and finishing of relevant parts.

Mounting method The mounting of the bearing shall be determined according to the bearing structure, size and mating nature of the bearing parts. The pressure shall be directly added to the end face of the tightly fitting ring and shall not be transferred through the rolling body.

Operation and maintenance

Reliable maintenance is the main means to ensure the long-term operation of the bearing. It is necessary to timely invite professional technicians to check and maintain the equipment after a period of operation, mainly in the following aspects:

Check the running temperature of the bearing, which should be below 65 degrees.

Check the axial channeling momentum of the operating parts, mainly whether the clearance of the bearing meets the requirements.

Check whether there are pitting, corrosion, pit, crack and other defects on the inner and outer runway of the bearing.

4 Lubrication of the lubricating oil or grease, to replace or add in time, but not too much, requires 1/3 to 1/2 of the lubricating oil, 1/3 of the grease.

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