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Rigid Bearing

Rigid Bearing


                                   Bearing rigidity editor
The elastic deformation of rolling bearings is small, can need not consider in most mechanical, but in some machinery, such as spindle, bearing rigidity is an important factor that the general application of cylindrical roller bearing and taper roller bearings. Because of these two kinds of bearing under the load, the rolling element and raceway is line contact, elastic deformation small, rigid good. Is point contact ball bearing, poor rigidity.
In addition, all kinds of bearing can also through the preloaded, achieve the goal of increasing bearing rigidity.Such as angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, to prevent the vibration of the shaft, increase the bearing stiffness, often impose certain axial force in advance when installation, make its mutual pressure.Noted here that the amount is too large.Is too large, will make bearing friction increases, higher temperature rise, affect the service life of the bearing.
The attention of the application of high rigid bearing point editor
Progress of shaft bearing rigid path
Bearings are rigid path, in principle can be summed up in the following:
(1) choose high rigid bearing;
(2) the use of technology supporting rigid bearing applications;
(3) properly regulate host layout parameters, bearing rigidity and progress.

From the selected bearing supporting rigid ideas
From the idea of supporting rigid [2] to select bearing way is:
(1) the roller bearing rigidity is higher than ball bearings;
(2) dimension large bearing, its smaller than scale bearing high rigidity, even the same diameter, and the width of the larger bearings, its rigidity is higher than the width smaller;
Grain number (3) the rolling body rhyme bearing more and more than the number of columns of bearing, which has good rigidity;
(4) tones the clearance of the bearing, the supporting rigid I conducive to progress

(5) in a necessary condition, can choose without inner ring, with no bearing outer ring or without inner and outer circle, and then cut the deformation part and add back grain number.

Rigid bearings

Progress axis bearing rigidity of applied technology
Application technology progress axis bearing rigidity is large, the effect of points above are as follows:
(1) the demand for bearings match appearance bearing assembly position of the shaft and hole, the lower the surface roughness is, the better shape and orientation precision, would get the bearing rigidity is also higher.
To reinforce disposal appearance of the appearance, rigid good progress.Using low roughness high hardness stopper, to must be interference in a smooth condition repeated gently into and out of a hole, and conducive to progress support rigidity, snap ring if necessary journal for similar treatment.
Progress (2) using the method of bearing preloaded bearing rigidity of ball bearings or tapered roller bearings can adopt method of axial preload, and of short cylindrical roller bearing radial preload method can be adopted, such as shaft bearing rigidity can significantly improvement, this moment may be eliminated the bearing clearance, maybe got a little negative clearance.But the speed is not too high, temperature rise under the condition of less volatile, should also be transferred to the best little negative clearance condition.When applying preload, appropriate continuous measurement of the deformation conditions, pay attention to during the deformation of low deformation with pre-tightening load linear adding right or wrong;And during the period of high value, add deformation with load is linear.
Once the deformation load appears linear relation, then immediately suspend adding pre-tightening load, has stable stiffness can be obtained at the moment.
Then, bearing the axial and radial rigidity between the fixed contact rigidity, and not dependent on the applied load.The deformation measurement, can be used for example to dial gauge head for in the appropriate position of the bearing face or shaft, change the way of investigating the reading with pre-tightening load.Preloaded method has its whammy aspects, such as make the conflict bearing torque increases, the temperature rise, the shortening of life progress, so let's all think, weigh the gain and loss, choose appropriate amount of preloaded.
(3) bearing equipment bearing equipment has a very big impact on bearing stiffness, generally speaking, type of angular contact ball bearings and roller bearings, in pairs using inappropriate adoption outer end face relative (i.e., the pressure line of cone pointing outward) equipment, this equipment bearing resistance to overturn torque can be big, the temperature changes when the higher amount of preloaded less change.
(4) to choose more bearing method under the condition of axial bearing promise, every protection using two or more than two bearing as radial bearing, bearing rigidity can progress.Recently, for example in the spindle component of machine tool, widely use in axial pre-tightening device, several sets of centripetal thrust bearing as the bearings are of the same protection.                                

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