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Methods of inspection and acceptance of mounting IKO bearings

Methods of inspection and acceptance of mounting IKO bearings


To check IKO bearings, the user must have the following knowledge:

(1) Which standard shall the bearing commodities be inspected according to;

(2) What items are included in the inspection of bearing commodities and why these items should be inspected;

(3) What preparation work should be done before bearing commodity quality inspection, and why?

(4) Under what conditions, what methods and what instruments are used for the inspection of each inspection item of bearing commodities, and the inspection results must be qualified within what tolerance range;

(5) bearing goods volume is very big, sometimes can't be one hundred percent inspection, it should adopt what kind of sampling plan, sampling quantity for inspection, can more fully and reliable enough to represent the quality of all goods bearing, and the results of the inspection according to any standard to measure, to determine this batch of goods is qualified batch shall be accepted or unqualified batch shall be rejected.

The acceptance inspection of IKO bearings is usually divided into three categories, namely:

Routine inspection - Routine general inspection of bearings upon arrival.

Routine inspection - Inspection of IKO bearing assembly related dimensions, rotation accuracy, bearing clearance and bearing residual magnetic strength.

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