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Repair of rolling bearings

Repair of rolling bearings


Rolling bearing is a mass production of mechanical parts, and the manufacturing accuracy requirements are very strict, high degree of technical specialization, so for the vast majority of easy to buy the bearing varieties, it should be more cost-effective to buy than repair, only in the following circumstances, to consider the bearing repair problem, namely

(1) for a large number of bearings of the same type used in large factories, the failure forms are mainly wear on the rolling surface, fatigue or fretting abrasion. In particular, the damaged parts are mostly retainers or rolling bodies, while rings or washers still have repair value; 

(2) the large and extra-large bearings are on the verge of failure or there is no significant damage to the parts even though they have failed, or the valuable bearings must try to extend their useful life; 

(3) some kinds of bearings that are really difficult to buy have to be repaired without spare parts after failure, especially imported bearings; 

(4) the bearing is slightly damaged, such as the slight rust in the inventory period and the slight micro-abrasion in the transportation process, which is easy to be repaired and discarded. 

In addition to economy, the bearing repair has its technology, which requires the repairman to fully understand the bearing corresponding technical requirements, and the bearing and its parts in the structure, technology and material characteristics, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the bearing repair has the desired effect. 

I. economic benefits of bearing repair

Generally speaking, the variety of bearings is less, the quantity is large, the price of a single bearing is high, or the structure of the bearing is simple.Size is big, repair cost is relatively lower, economic benefit is higher. 

In addition, to monitor the operation of the bearing, bearing failure in a planned way before repair, can get twice the result with half the effort.Following a reasonable process, using efficient repair equipment and tools, and obtaining the help of a professional bearing plant will all contribute to economic efficiency. 

Second, the advantages of cooperation with professional bearing enterprises

In the business of repairing bearings, if users can obtain the cooperation of professional bearing enterprises, they may obtain the following benefits:

(1) it can specify the technical requirements of each repair process and how to guarantee the overall quality of the repaired bearing;

(2) many special experiences of professional bearing plants can be utilized, which can meet the process requirements reliably, efficiently and economically;

(3) you can order work card quantity molds from professional bearing enterprises and borrow them for repair business, which may be economical and save a lot of trouble;

(4) can be ordered from professional bearing enterprises such as cage, rolling body, rivet and other accessories, may make the repair work simple, convenient and economical.

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