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The standard products offered by SKF bearing have more than 20,000 types of bearings. In addition to rolling bearings, the SKF Group also manufactures skf linear bearings, plain bearings, bearing housings, skf ball bearing and skf roller bearing, textile machinery components, retaining rings, machine tools and various precision mechanical components. With extensive experience in these areas, he has the knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture and apply a wide range of advanced engineering products. Smaller such as micro-bearings weighing only 0.003 grams, up to each of the thirty-four tons of giant bearings. In addition, SKF also offers a range of bearing repair tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments (SKF bearing heaters, pullers, etc.) in order to achieve higher efficiency for bearing users and achieve worry-free operation.

SKF bearing featured products Explorer Explorer series bearings, which have better bearing performance and longer life than any brand on the market. They are outstanding in design and use. They are many top scientists and engineers in the SKF Engineering and Research Center in the Netherlands. After years of careful research by the team, SKF Explorer bearings can be identified by the “EXPLORER” lettering on the outer ring side of the bearing and the “EXPLORER” logo on the box, but the product number remains the same.

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