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Bearing inner ring and shaft fit tightly

Bearing inner ring and shaft fit tightly


To use spherical roller bearing grease correctly, the movement of the grease in the bearing must be known.Ensure the stability of the grease.The motion of the grease filled in the rolling bearing, along with the rotation of the spherical roller bearing, can be roughly divided into two stages.

In general, the amount of grease in the spherical roller bearing always exceeds the actual amount required for direct lubrication, and in the cavities of the holder and the bearing cover, an outline is formed around the outside of the rolling body.In this process, the bearing temperature rises rapidly due to the resistance of the excess grease.Although most of the excess grease is extruded at the beginning of the operation, the grease squeezed in the raceway attachment may still be carried between the raceway by a rotating roller.In the early stages of the bearing, most of the grease is squeezed out of the raceway very quickly (in less than a minute), and a small amount of the grease accumulates as the bearing rotates and circulates.At this time, the spherical roller bearing still continues to rise, until the excess bearing grease is discharged, it can be called the lubrication stage, according to the bearing structure of the grease quality, filling amount and other factors, this period of time may last more than ten minutes, or even several hours.

Different spherical roller bearing grease in the bearing to form a profile of the traffic is not the same, it must be formed outline more draft, running time is short, in the long-term operation of the spherical roller bearing temperature is low, and stable, this is an ideal grease, so it is particularly important for the channel of the grease.

The installation of separable spherical roller bearings is due to the fact that the inner ring and the outer ring can be conveniently fitted to the shaft or the housing. It should be noted that when the shaft with the inner ring is inserted into the bearing box with the outer ring, it should be kept as concentric as possible to prevent the rolling body and raceways from being grazed.When the spherical roller bearing is fitted with the inner ring and the shaft tightly, and the outer ring bearing housing hole is looser,

Of spherical roller bearing inner ring with tight fit of the shaft and outer ring of bearing hole is a loose fit the separation type bearing for installation, can press the spherical roller bearing installed on the shaft first, and then install axis along with spherical roller bearing to the bearing hole, if the spherical roller bearing is small, also can use a soft hammer metal ferrule end face forced the tap into the spherical roller bearing, but striking force must be evenly distributed on the spherical roller bearing ring.When the spherical roller bearing ring is tightly matched with the shaft or spherical roller bearing housing hole, a special mounting barrel is used to simultaneously press the spherical roller bearing onto the shaft or spherical roller bearing housing.

When the spherical roller bearing has a large size, it is difficult to install the spherical roller bearing in cold state due to the large mounting force required or the bearing bearing under heavy load has a large interference fit, then the spherical roller bearing inner ring or bearing housing shall be heated in advance before installation.In hot installation, the heating temperature should be strictly controlled.When heating the bearing, the maximum heating temperature should not exceed 1200C, and it should generally be 80~1000C.Spherical roller bearings with dust caps or sealing rings must not be heated as this will cause loss of lubricant.The heating method can adopt electric induction heating and oil bath heating. 

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