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How to maintain and maintain spindle bearings

How to maintain and maintain spindle bearings


First of all, the spindle bearing in the spindle when running, to fully ensure the lubrication, and according to the actual use of regular lubricating oil, not long time oil.Therefore, for the user enterprise, should choose a better, more appropriate spindle oil.The new special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, prolong the oil changing period, prolong the service life of the spindle and the bearing, and has better anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.


Second, the use of reinforced nylon cage bearings, the use temperature should be lower than 120℃, it is prohibited to boil and clean.


In addition, when the spindle maintenance cleaning should pay attention to the method to prevent damage, scratches on the roller surface.As far as possible to remove the residual bearing parts, should use the method of washing, suction spindle foot internal cleaning residual oil is preferred.Attention should be paid to avoid the use of dumping-type cleaning garbage accumulation residual in the bearing, resulting in bearing noise, wear and failure problems.

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