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Ring and rolling material - bearing cage material material

Ring and rolling material - bearing cage material material


Ferrule and rolling material

High carbon chromium bearing steel is usually used for the ferrule and rolling body.CCr15 is used for most bearings, and CCrl5SiMn with good hardenability is used for bearing rings with large sections and rolling bodies with large diameters.High carbon chromium bearing steel is an integral hardened steel, its surface and heart can be hardened, is the best material for rolling bearings.

Because of the different use occasions, some bearings require materials to have special properties, such as impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

To work under impact load bearing or large, oversize bearing ring and rolling body usually adopts carburizing bearing steel.Carburizing bearing steel is in nickel chrome molybdenum steel, chrome molybdenum steel or chromium manganese molybdenum steel materials such as surface carburized depth range, appropriate to its dense tissue, and form of hardening layer, and the center part hardness is low, has a good heart of impact toughness, by the use of carburizing bearing steel performance is very good, the life of calculation and high carbon chromium bearing steel is the same.

High temperature bearing steel with good heat resistance is used for bearings working at high temperature. Stainless bearing steel is used for bearings contacting corrosion media during work.

It is worth noting that the cleanliness of bearing steel, the higher the cleanliness, the less non-metallic inclusions, the lower the oxygen content, the longer the bearing fatigue life, vacuum degassing or vacuum remelting steel can meet this requirement.Bearings requiring high reliability should be made of electroslag remelted steel.

What are the materials of bearing cage

Bearing cage has a great influence on the service performance and life of rolling bearings, and the choice of its material is particularly important.The cage material should have high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, impact load resistance and dimensional stability.

The bearing cage is generally divided into two kinds: punching cage and solid cage.

The punching cage for small and medium-sized bearings is generally made of high quality carbon structural steel strip or steel plate, such as 08 or 10 steel.According to different uses, there are also brass and stainless steel plates.

Large bearings and bearings with small production batches are generally made of machined solid cages made of brass, bronze, aluminum alloy and structural carbon steel.

Precision angular contact ball bearing cages are usually manufactured from phenolic laminates.

In recent years, engineering plastic cage has been developed in China. The typical material is glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66(GRPA66 -- 25), and the operating temperature is -30~+120℃.This kind of material is light weight, low density, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, good sliding, easy to direct injection molding, low manufacturing cost, has been used in the manufacture of a variety of bearing cage.

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