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The treatment method of agricultural motor bearing overheating

The treatment method of agricultural motor bearing overheating


Agricultural motor generally choose small motor, in small motor, general front, rear end are used ball bearing.Bearing heating is one of the most common faults of agricultural induction motors.Bearing heating, the light will make the grease dilution leakage, heavy bearing damage, causing economic losses to users.The causes of bearing heating and treatment methods are introduced as follows:

1. Bearing damage.Inspect ball bearings for damage to ball bearings or bearing bushing.If damaged, repair or replace it.

2. Impurity, too dirty, stuck ring or wrong grade of lubricating oil.Oil should be changed to find out the cause of the jam and repair. Oil viscosity should be too high to replace the lubricating oil.

3. Lack of oil in bearing room.Fill 2/3 oil chamber with grease or lubricate to standard oil surface line.

4, the rolling bearing grease plug too much, the lubricating oil in the sliding bearing temperature is too low or too high.Excessive grease should be removed from the rolling bearings or filled to 2/3 of the grease chamber.

5, bearing and shaft, bearing and end cover match too loose or too tight, too tight will make the bearing deformation, too loose easy to occur "running sleeve".When bearing and shaft fit too loose, the journal can be painted with metal paint, and it can be reprocessed when it is too tight.Fit the bearing and the end cover to insert the end cover too loose, and rework it when it is too tight.

6. The motor's two end caps or bearing caps are not properly assembled, which are usually not parallel, causing the bearings to be out of position.Flatten both end caps or bearing caps and tighten bolts.

7. The belt is too tight, too loose or the coupling is not properly assembled.Adjust the belt tightness;Teaching coupling.

8. Wrong bearing type was changed during maintenance.Replace the correct type of bearing as soon as possible.

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