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Reasons for Bearing Position Wear of Roller Press and On-line Solutions

Reasons for Bearing Position Wear of Roller Press and On-line Solutions


Bearing position wear of roller press is a common equipment fault in the process of roller press operation. What causes bearing position wear of roller press?

Metal normal fatigue wear: this is the inherent characteristics of the metal itself;

Fit relation problem: no matter how high the processing precision of the parts in the processing process, it is impossible to achieve 100% of the matching surface of the parts. From the microscopic magnification observation, the matching surface of the metal can only achieve 30%-50%, so the small force surface of the matching part is also one of the fundamental causes of mental fatigue wear;

Installation: the installation process cannot very good control of bearing installation location or unable to effectively control the bearing clearance, bearing during operation can't in a good state, and then running resistance increases, the temperature, the more torque ACTS on the fitting surface, lead to bearing inner ring and shaft surface relative movement, cause the wear of the bearing

Operation and maintenance: including poor lubrication of bearings, high operating temperature caused by blockage of the cooling system, loosening of the fastening device, etc.

Currently, on the market for roller press bearing wear of solution has a lot of, such as the repair welding machine, change the new parts, etc., but given the time to repair, degree of difficulty to repair, do not recommend using the above solution, today small make up to introduce a kind of can fast solution to the problem of the online-savvy carbon nano polymer materials technology to repair. The technology does not need to carry out a large number of disassembly, only the repair part can be disassembled, greatly shorten the downtime of enterprises, reduce the loss caused by sudden or major equipment problems. And the repair material will not produce metal fatigue wear in the process of use, under the premise of normal equipment maintenance, the service life after the repair is even higher than the service life of new parts. Next, let's take a look at how engineers operate to repair roller press bearing position wear online through the case.

The bearing position of the supporting side of the roller press power roller in a grinding workshop is worn. The small diameter of the bearing position is 530mm, the width of the bearing position is 360mm, the wear amount is 0.8~1.5mm, and the bearing model is 232/530CAK30/W33C3.

Using oxygen-acetylene flame to bake oil on the surface of bearing wear of roller press;

The oxide layer on the surface of the bearing position is removed cleanly by an Angle grinder, and the surface is clean and rough.

Clean the surface with anhydrous ethanol;

The inner ring of the bearing is cleaned with anhydrous ethanol and then rubbed with an SD7000 release agent.

Strictly in accordance with the proportion of the solei carbon nano polymer material, harmonize to uniform without a color difference;

Apply the well-tempered material evenly to the part to be repaired, and the thickness of the coating is greater than the unilateral wear amount.

Backloading bearing, material curing;

Remove bearing, remove excess material with Angle grinder, and reinstall bearing.

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