The scene emergency repair hoist bearing wear, with simple maintenance method to solve the problem - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
A, equipment problems, the author analyzes the reasons of axial appear wear has a lot of, but the main reason is the nature of metal used to manufacture shaft, metal high hardness, but concession sex difference ( Cannot recover after a deformation) , low shock resistance, fatigue resistance performance is poor, so easy to cause adhesion wear, abrasive wear, fatigue wear and fretting wear, most of the axial wear imperceptible, only a machine high temperature, bouncing, such as sound, will cause people to notice, but by the time people realized that, most of the shaft has been wear and tear, causing the machine downtime. Repair process analysis of the traditional repair process: domestic is commonly used for axial wear repair welding, shaft sleeve, pitting, etc. , if the short downtime and spare parts, usually with new shaft. Repair welding machining process itself is easy to make shaft surface local produce thermal stress, cause the hidden trouble of the broken shaft, repair welding and machining process need to spend a lot of manpower and time to disassembly, transport and installation of equipment, the repair time is longer, synthesis of the high cost of repair, long-term stop production will also be a lot of economic loss caused to the enterprise. Xiangyang automobile shaft sleeve, pitting problems fitting surface is point contact repair process, not contact, to the safe operation of the equipment for a long time. Polymer composite materials to repair process: compared with the traditional repair technology, polymer composite material has the strength and hardness of metal required, and what metal does not have 'concession'. Through effective means of repair, can maximum limit to ensure cooperation relationship between repair parts with the matching parts, at the same time avoid due to the increase of axial clearance of secondary wear. Use of polymer composite materials on site to repair worn parts, the guarantee repair, on the basis of precision and meet the requirements of installation, don't need to make a lot of equipment disassembly, repair cycle is short, generally 8 - Repair and installation work is done in 12 hours. The repair process of repair cost was lower than those of traditional repair process, the general business accounting according to the bearing bit wear is the amount of polymer composite material, further accounting repair costs. This kind of repair materials at 2211 f f the blue metal repair material performance is more reliable. Third, step (using polymer composite materials to repair 1) Remove the bearing, bearing, set aside operational space. ( 2) Shaft surface treatment: baked oil, grinding, cleaning. ( 3) With a sample rushed pitting, pitting height slightly larger than a standard size. ( 4) According to the proportion of mixed blessing the blue 2211 f metal repair materials, evenly without off color. ( 5) Bearing the smear 2211 f metal repair materials, daub thickness is greater than the height of pitting. ( 6) Hot charging bearing, for its material curing. ( 7) Installation of bearing seat, etc. The rest parts. Note: surface treatment, and knocked at the height of the pitting. Fourth, elevator shaft wear repair case
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