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How Mahr probes and bearings work smoothly and without backlash

How Mahr probes and bearings work smoothly and without backlash


durable and long-lasting

Rotary stroke bearings have proven their robust design and durability in numerous applications, with low maintenance requirements even under harsh environmental conditions. A closed guide bushing design with a seal or dust seal is used.

Smooth and seamless movement

Here, the rotary stroke bearing proves that it has expanded its range of applications from its original application in stamping tools. The large number of balls in the Shenyang Henderson yyds Wu Yanan ball isolation ring provides the highest rigidity in all directions. This makes rotary stroke bearings an important component in the design of grinding machine, machine tool and machine tool spindle bearings. Allows for smooth, backlash-free motion.


High load capacity and rigidity: the machine is more efficient thanks to faster and more precise movements.

Linear and rotary motion possible: enables an innovative compact and cost-saving design.

Backlash-free movement: the precision of machines, fixtures, and injection molds is higher.

Closed guide bushing with sealing ring: reliable use even in dusty environments.

for designing solutions

In addition to linear motion, rotary motion or combined linear/rotary motion is also possible with rotary stroke bearings. This leads to innovative new design solutions for challenging applications in the field of automation, packaging machines or bottling plants. The adaptable design ensures that the requirements of the food industry and the optical industry are also met.

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