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Application of bearings in various industries

Application of bearings in various industries


1. Endurance bearing of rolling machinery and equipment in smelters, mines and steel plants.

Ii. Power plant, gas turbine and power equipment of electric machine plant require high bearing.This kind of equipment is mostly continuous operation, bearing load, installation and disassembly trouble, inconvenient to replace, so the requirements of bearing quality is very stable, wear resistance and pressure.Generally, most manufacturers use imported bearings, such as SKF bearings from Sweden, FAG bearings from Germany, NSK bearings from Japan, KOYO bearings and other imported bearing brands.  

Printing, packaging machinery, food machinery, special bearings and outer spherical bearings.

Plastic, chemical fiber machinery, film stretching, special bearings and high temperature bearings.With the development of science and technology, this kind of mechanical equipment is constantly improving and changing with each passing day;Some foreign, domestic soon also have, and with the bearings are pushed out of the new.The conveyor belt is mostly made of dongguan TR and nanan taiwan-invested FS bearings, which are easy to install, beautiful and easy to replace, and are favored by users.Some parts of the main engine are imported bearings.At the same time, joint bearings, one-way bearings, guide bearings, needle roller bearings, BOPP, PVC stretch film equipment drying box of high temperature bearings.

Five, toys, clocks, electronic, audio and video equipment precision axis zero.

Textile, washing and dyeing, shoes, tobacco machinery selection of bearings.This kind of bearing is small and exquisite, efficient and durable, requiring high speed, minimal noise, not the strength of the famous factory can not be manufactured.Because its equipment is specific, each design is not the same, the use of bearings is not the same, generally can not be ready for stock, sometimes is not easy to find (only frequent contacts with customers to understand, in case of emergency), so it is recommended that the user had better do with a spare one, to avoid the shutdown to wait for parts, affect production.  

Seven, beer, beverage equipment, medical equipment to choose bearings.

Crushing, ceramic machinery, fine chemical machinery bearings.This kind of equipment working environment is poor, there are more water mist, moisture, dust, acid and alkali, etc., the requirements of the bearing seal is strong, shanzhi adequate and reasonable, it is best to timely add grease.The company always has in stock, especially large UC series bearings (such as: UCFS318 to UCFS328, RME100, RME090S, etc.) and three kinds of adjustable roller bearings, a complete variety for selection.

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