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Precautions during the use of the tightening sleeve

Precautions during the use of the tightening sleeve


Hold the fixed sleeve tightly with the left hand and rotate the jacket with the right hand. Listen for noise.Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products, complete manual workshop operation, in the process of production will inevitably be mixed with sand impurities, hidden in the body of the set sleeve, so it will give out noise when rotating.This is the biggest difference between factory brands that strictly adhere to production standards and operate with machines.

Whether the surface has muddy oil stains: this should be especially careful when buying imported bearings.Due to the current domestic antirust technology is not particularly home, so the set of volume the antirust processing and it is easy to leave a thick oil stains, holding the stick thick thick, and the foreign original set on almost can't see the traces of anti-rust oil, is particularly careful expert said set set of smell a smell, must be under the anti-rust oil, just can't see.

Whether chamfering is uniform: the so-called bearing chamfering, that is, the intersection of horizontal and vertical surface, the imitation of the fixed sleeve due to the limitations of production technology, in these corners of the position is not satisfactory.

Precautions for the use of the locking sleeve:

The rolling bearing is a precision component, and its use should be carried out with due care.No matter how high the performance of the tight sleeve is used, if not properly used, the expected high performance will not be achieved.The following points should be noted for the use of the tight sleeve.

(1) Keep the set sleeve and its surroundings clean.

Even small dust that is invisible to the eye can have a bad effect on the bearing.Therefore, to keep the surrounding clean, so that dust does not invade the tight set.

(2) Use it carefully.

In the use of the tight set strong impact, will produce scars and indentation, become the cause of the accident.In serious cases, there will be cracks and fractures, so attention must be paid.

(3) Use appropriate operating tools.

Avoid replacing existing tools with appropriate ones.

(4) Pay attention to the corrosion of the set sleeve.

The sweat on the hands will become a cause of rust when the sleeve is tightened.Use clean hands, preferably with gloves on.

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