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Strong negotiating skills for sticking to your principles

Strong negotiating skills for sticking to your principles


The so-called strong negotiation, as the name suggests, is to adhere to their own principles in the process of negotiating with customers, never give up their weight easily.We often say that negotiation is about getting a win-win situation, or both parties sit down and compromise.However, strong negotiations emphasize more on the interests of the other side, no matter how harsh the negotiating conditions of the other side, always put on a side superior, the other side to seek the posture of the other side, so as to achieve the purpose of surrendering the troops without a fight. 

I. Professionalism

The word "professional" sounds scary, and professional people are what we like to call "experts."Both advertising and life experience tell us that when you're a layman at something, the only way to be sure you're safe is to listen to an expert.Therefore, before you negotiate with the client, you should prepare for the negotiation with an expert attitude. 

I'm working for a very well-known residential lighting company, and at the end of 2005, the company wanted to expand its product line through existing channels and developed a commercial lighting product.The designers had good intentions when they developed commercial lighting, but when they put the product in front of distributors, they met with a boycott.There's only one reason. It's expensive.Perhaps this is just another reason why they don't want to buy more. 

In March this year, in order to successfully open the Shanghai market for commercial lighting products, the head office assigned a product engineer to help the sales staff with product interpretation.Only a round, we repeatedly attack not broken dealers, professional product engineers are easy to do.When he shouted "Expensive" to us again, our engineer began his professional negotiation: "Expensive?What basis do you have?Do you know our materials?Do you understand our process?""Do you know how much our aluminum procurement costs?" "Good, everyone looks the same, do you know how much less time we can spend on installation?""Do you know what our service life is?""Do you know what power we're losing?"From the service life and color rendering of the light source to the illumination of lighting design, beam Angle, anti-glare, a series of professional terms and professional questions, only asked the dealer speechless, finally with a sincere thumbs up.The outcome of the negotiations is predictable because the dealer, like most people, trusts the experts. 

So, to become a strong negotiator, you need to pay attention to how much of your product expertise you know than your customers do.If you still have a gap, start closing it now.There is one more point, today is not an expert you, in the face of the negotiating side, you still need to pretend to be an expert, because you can not lose to the other side in attitude and posture. 

Ii. Leadership

As a strong style of sales staff, every negotiation will always be firmly in control of the situation.In daily business operation and management behaviors, most leaders are silent and good at thinking. They often let things develop in the direction they plan. When facing customers, sales staff need to be such a controlling leader.If you can make your clients subordinate and willing to follow your nose, all problems will be solved head-on. 

Who said, "A soldier who doesn't want to be a marshal is not a good soldier"?And then there is a large group of echo, I don't want to say the words without reason or risk burden, but is a basic fact that in the absence of pressure, most people would like to be a good employee (soldiers still have life risk, instead of death unknown when a marshal's death vigorous).Because people are inert, when the leader needs courage needs physical strength needs ability needs to assume more responsibility.Because of inertia, some clients are happy to be your subordinates if it makes them easy money.

Whenever the company has a new employee, the first day of the market with me, I will tell him this: "I do not care about your previous work style and habits, whether in our company to visit customers or call customers, please directly give your name, rather than say 'I am Xiao Zhang, Xiao Wang'.Every time I hear a salesperson call a customer: "Hello, Boss Wu, I am xiao Liu from ** company", I am very angry.Why do you have to devalue yourself and say you are Xiao Liu?If you think small means young, it has nothing to do with your job.You when you negotiate with customer on behalf of the company, the company has several or dozens of xiao liu, you are not unique, when you leave the company will be the second xiao liu to wu boss "service", so you won't be able to gain the respect of wu boss, more can't be his leadership, also can't get control of every negotiation.Excuse me, who dares to call his boss Xiaosun, even though he is only in his twenties? 

I've also been told that calling yourself Xiao Liu makes you feel closer to the client.You don't have to go begging because every time you go into a sales meeting or give a presentation, you say we have a win-win relationship with our customers.I really don't see successful sales executives acting like underachievers in front of clients, but people who are just starting out in sales often do.To be successful, learn from successful sales executives. Speak your name out loud to your client and approach him or her confidently as a leader. 

Iii. Discourse Power

We rarely have the opportunity to communicate with the leader alone. His words always seem to be few, but every leader's public speech and morning meeting are so inspiring, his speech is so sonorous and powerful.As a strong negotiator, they like to wear a confident smile on their face during the negotiation with the client, then listen to what the client has to say and keep nodding to the client to continue.Many people understand that "too much is too little", and the same people often like to show off their tongue.The future of sales will no longer belong to the "good talker", but to the "good talker".Good at listening, can understand the real meaning of each customer's words, understand the real thoughts of customers, can guide customers to quickly achieve their desired results. 

Of course, listening without speaking doesn't make a good strong negotiator.Having a say in negotiations requires you to be a teacher, a speaker, and a storyteller.I once met a powerful salesman who put his best foot forward when he gave a 40-something department store executive a lecture on management."Do you know what first-class management is?Do you know what third-rate management is?Do you know where you are?"Having whet the appetite of the executive, he began lecturing as a university professor on the theories we'd all heard so badly in Marketing.His performance was excellent, and he told stories that the executive had never heard before, stories of international giants from IBM to Dell, Panasonic to Haier. The executive's expression showed that she was intoxicated and filled her with admiration for the Philips business man. 

Four, forever home

Do whatever it takes to get clients to your company to do business, and the advantage of playing home games doesn't need to be explained here.If the customer doesn't want to go, ask him out to your favorite coffee shop.If the client just wants to wait for you at home, then you have to be prepared. It is not easy to turn the road into your own home, unless the two sides are very different, of course, you are strong and weak. 

According to a book on salesmanship, in order to make visitors feel uncomfortable and lose the negotiation initiative, the host deliberately lowered the guest's seat by several centimeters.I'm not here to teach you bad manners. I despise such unfriendly tricks.I just want to tell you that you will face all sorts of problems on the road and that you should choose the venue from the start if negotiations are to succeed.

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