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How to choose bearing with right clearance?

How to choose bearing with right clearance?


What is bearing clearance?

In simple terms, bearing clearance is the clearance (or interference) within a single bearing, or within a system of several bearings. Clearance can be divided into axial clearance and radial clearance, depending on the bearing type and measurement method.

Why adjust bearing clearance?

For example, too much or too little water when cooking rice will affect the taste of the rice. In the same way, if the bearing clearance is too large or too small, the working life of the bearing and even the stability of the entire equipment operation will be reduced.

The Importance of Correctly Selecting Bearing Clearance

Clearance is an important technical parameter of the bearing, which directly affects the technical performance of the bearing, such as load distribution, vibration, noise, friction, temperature rise, service life and mechanical running accuracy.

If the clearance is too large, the bearing area inside the bearing will be reduced, the stress of the contact surface will increase, and the service life will be shortened. Excessive clearance will also reduce the running accuracy of the bearing and increase vibration and noise.

If the clearance is too small, there may be negative clearance (interference) in actual operation, which will lead to increased frictional heat and temperature rise, which will make the effective clearance smaller or the interference larger. Such a vicious circle will lead to bearing holding die.

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