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Flexible bearings for core components of transmission

Flexible bearings for core components of transmission


The harmonic transmission USES the flexible element controllable elastic deformation to transfer the movement and the power, its characteristic is, the transmission ratio is large and the application scope is wide, the precision is high, the empty return is small, the bearing capacity is large, the efficiency is high, the volume is small, the weight is light, the transmission is stable, the noise is small, may transmit the movement to the seal space.

The harmonic transmission consists of three basic components: a wave generator, a flexible wheel, a rigid wheel and a flexible bearing.The flexible bearing is the core component, and the transmission can meet the performance requirement of high deceleration ratio through the elastic deformation of the bearing.

Flexible bearing in work, the inner ring is installed on the oval rigid wheel, work bears cyclic stress load, the outer ring is installed on the flexible wheel, work with the elastic deformation of the flexible wheel constantly change, not only bear cyclic stress load, but also bear alternating stress load.

These features set high requirements for the design and manufacture of inner and outer rings and cages, which can only be produced in a few countries such as Japan and the United States.The design and manufacture of flexible bearings for harmonic transmission variators have reached the international advanced level.The design of flexible bearing has formed a complete theoretical system, and the manufacturing technology of the product is becoming more and more perfect and mature, and the product quality is becoming more and more stable.The special bearing of harmonic drive reducer has reliable quality and stable performance. It has been successfully applied in the harmonic drive device of Shenzhou and series spacecraft, making a contribution to China's manned spaceflight.

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