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Bearing warehouse environmental requirements and storage management

Bearing warehouse environmental requirements and storage management


The bearing warehouse environment requires that the warehouse room where SKF bearings are stored should be dry and ventilated, and can prevent direct sunlight from entering and rain, snow and dust from blowing in;The indoor temperature is generally kept at 10-20 ℃, with the highest temperature not exceeding 30℃ and the lowest temperature not exceeding 5℃, and the relative humidity not exceeding 60%.Indoor also must not with acid, alkali, chemical drugs, chemical raw materials and other harmful substances stored together.

Bearing warehousing inspection Bearing warehousing, should do the warehousing technology acceptance work.Check the outer packing and inner packing of bearing for any damage;Whether the marks on the bearing packaging, the packing list of the products in the packaging, the product qualification certificate, and the product name, code, quantity, delivery date and manufacturer's name (or trademark) on the bearing warehousing documents are consistent with the actual product situation;If there is any rust or other defect on the surface of the actual product, it shall reject the warehousing of this batch of products and immediately contact the delivery unit to study and solve these problems.When testing the surface condition of bearing products, gloves or wax paper liner should be worn to avoid direct contact with the surface of the bearing.

Bearing storage Management When the bearing is stored in the warehouse, the bearings in batches can be overlapped and stacked, and the bottom of the stack should be properly raised for ventilation and moisture prevention.Small and few bearings can also be packed and stored on the shelf.Shelves must be separated from the outer wall to prevent strong moisture from seeping into the bearing package.Large bearing and some thin wall bearing can not be stored upright, should be packaged together with flat, so that the whole bearing is supported.Bearings should be inspected periodically during storage (6 months in general, 3 months in hot and humid areas).The main inspection bearing outer and inner packaging as well as the actual product surface oil seal, rust, whether there is damage, deterioration phenomenon.If any damage or deterioration is found, or the bearing storage period has exceeded the specified period, the bearing shall be promptly removed, or replaced with packaging, or the bearing shall be cleaned, derusted and oil-sealed for storage;Or take other measures to deal with it.

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