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Percentage Of Bearing Damage Causes To Repair Pump Bearing Wear Cases

Percentage Of Bearing Damage Causes To Repair Pump Bearing Wear Cases


Percentage of bearing damage reasons:

1, poor lubrication (about 38%), poor lubrication is one of the main reasons for premature damage of bearings.

The main reasons include: (1) not filling lubricant or lubricating oil in time;② lubricant or lubricating oil is not filled in place;(3) improper selection of lubricant or lubricating oil, lubrication mode is not correct;(4) sealing damage, resulting in lubrication failure.

2, lubrication pollution (about 24%), pollution will also lead to premature bearing damage, pollution refers to dust, metal chips or other materials into the bearing interior.

The main reasons include: (1) premature opening of bearing packaging before use, causing pollution;(2) the installation of the working environment is not clean, resulting in pollution;③ The working environment of the bearing is not clean and the working medium is polluted.④ thin oil lubricating oil filter is damaged or not replaced in time.

3. Improper installation (about 18%) : (1) Brute force is used during installation, and direct hammering of bearings causes the greatest damage to bearings, which is the main cause of deformation;The installation is not in place, the installation is deviated or not installed to the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance.The inner and outer rings are not in the same center of rotation, resulting in different centers.(3) The free side of the bearing has no axial channeling clearance, which causes the bearing to bear large axial force overload damage.

4, metal fatigue (about 15%) common fatigue damage reasons may be: long-term overload operation of bearings, not timely replacement, equipment aging, etc.

5, the bearing quality problem (4%), now many on the market are "gold beyond its exterior, the failure of the", many enterprises tend to only pay attention to the price, do not pay attention to the quality of the purchase, the purchase of inferior bearings will not take long to damage.

6. Other uncertainties (1%)

The percentage damage reason, mainly is for bearing the early damage to analyze the condition of the bearing damage factors are various, sometimes bearing damage may be integrated and cause, we need according to the concrete damage, then the correct analysis of the bearing damage factors, so as to find a better solution.

China bearing network also shares the pump bearing wear after repair cases, I hope you can have a preliminary understanding of the process.

1. After entering the site, first measure and verify whether the size is consistent with the drawing to ensure the accuracy of repair. After verification, the size is consistent with the drawing;

2. Remove oil with oxygen acetylene surface, and then polish the repaired surface to ensure that the surface is rough to increase the bonding force;

3. Clean and repair the surface with anhydrous ethanol;

4. According to the proportion of the solei carbon nano polymer material SD7101H, harmonize until uniform and no color difference;

5. Smear the reconciled SD710H on the repair surface and install the tooling in place;

6. Heating curing, improving material properties and speeding up material curing time;

7. Disassemble the tooling, verify the repair size, assemble the bearing after confirmation, and complete the repair, which takes 6 hours;

8. After the reassembly, the equipment starts up smoothly and all parameters are normal.

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