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Motor bearing system heating problem control, to seize these key

Motor bearing system heating problem control, to seize these key


Heating of bearing system is a failure problem faced by many motor products. Both bearing manufacturers and motor manufacturers pay special attention to this problem.The direct consequence of the heating of the bearing system is that the heating of the bearing leads to the loss of grease, the failure of bearing parts due to heating, the rotation of the motor is not flexible or stalled, and the increase of heat conduction and current leads to the malignant accident of the motor winding burning in a very short time.

In order to prevent the occurrence of problems, many large and high voltage motors are equipped with temperature measurement, vibration measurement and other protection devices, but how to ensure that the quality of the motor bearing system meets the requirements is the most important.

1 Compliance of bearing working clearance

For different types of bearings, the working clearance of bearings has a safe range. To ensure this, the radial mating relationship between the bearing inner ring and the shaft, the bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber is crucial, which is the key to the control of bearing system design.

2 The relative static relationship of the bearing inner and outer rings is guaranteed

Theoretically, the inner and outer ring of the bearing assembled to the rotating machinery should be in good close contact with the matching parts, so that relative sliding does not occur when the motor is running, which is what we call running laps.In the actual failure cases, many motor bearings have the problem of running laps due to improper coordination, which leads to serious heating of the bearings, degradation failure and loss of the grease, and ultimately leads to the instantaneous collapse of the bearing system.

3 Erosion of bearing system by 3-axis current

Is high voltage motor, frequency conversion motor shaft current and low voltage high power motor must face the problem, bearing system fault cases, a lot of motor is bearing by electric corrosion, due to shaft current problems on normal roll forming regularity of the damage of grain, early bearing system characterized by murmurs and fever, quickly unravelled bearing system.In order to solve this problem, many electromechanical factories have taken necessary measures, such as grounding carbon brush, insulated bearing, insulated end cover, insulated bearing sleeve, insulated bearing and other bypass or open protection measures, and from the electromagnetic design, inverter configuration and other links to improve the control.

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