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The generation of bearing vibration

The generation of bearing vibration


Generally speaking, rolling bearings themselves do not produce noise.The commonly felt "bearing noise" is actually the sound effect of the bearing vibrating directly or indirectly with the surrounding structure.This is why many times the noise problem can be considered as a vibration problem involving the entire bearing application.Excitation caused by the change in the number of loading scrolls


When a radial load is loaded on a bearing, the number of rollers carrying the load will change slightly during operation, that is, 2-3-2-3...This caused a shift in the direction of the load.The resulting vibration is unavoidable but can be mitigated by axial preloading, which is applied to all rolling bodies (not applicable to cylindrical roller bearings).


Wave degree of components:


When the bearing ring is closely matched with the bearing seat or the drive shaft, the bearing ring may be deformed with the appearance of the adjacent parts.If deformation occurs, vibration may occur during operation.Therefore, it is important to machine the bearing block and drive shaft to the required tolerances.


Local damage:


A small portion of the bearing raceway and rolling body may be damaged due to operational or installation errors.In operation, rolling over damaged bearing parts will produce a specific vibration frequency.Vibration frequency analysis can identify damaged bearing parts.


Vibration behavior in application:


In many applications, the stiffness of the bearing is the same as that of the surrounding structure.Because of this feature, it is possible to reduce the vibration in the application by correctly selecting the bearings (including preload and clearance) and their configuration in the application.


There are three ways to reduce vibration:


- removing critical excitation vibration from the application;

- critical excitation vibration between the suppressor excitation part and the resonance part;

-- change the stiffness of the structure, thereby changing the critical frequency.

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