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How are usually imported bearings damaged in use

How are usually imported bearings damaged in use


As we all know, imported precision products are indeed quite reliable in use, but the more sophisticated products, more careful in the maintenance night, or the durability of the products will be greatly compromised.Next, we will analyze some of the reasons for the damage of imported bearings.

Most of the imported bearings are damaged due to a number of reasons, such as excessive load, ineffective sealing, too small bearing clearance due to too tight fit, etc.Each of these factors has a particular type of damage and leaves a particular mark of damage.In most cases, therefore, the possible cause can be found by examining the bearing of a damaged shaft.


In general, one third of the bearing damage is due to fatigue, another third to poor lubrication, and the other third to contaminants entering or improperly installing the bearing.However, these types of damage are also industrial related.For example, more than half of the pulp and paper industry results from bearing damage due to poor lubrication or pollution than from material fatigue.

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