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Rolling bearing clearance concept

Rolling bearing clearance concept


The so-called rolling bearing clearance refers to the maximum motion of a ring and another flange in the radial or axial direction.The maximum radial motion is called radial clearance, and the maximum axial motion is called axial clearance.Generally, the larger the radial clearance, the larger the axial clearance, and vice versa.According to the state of the bearing, the clearance can be divided into three types:

1. The original clearance bearing is in the free state before installation.The original clearance shall be determined by the manufacturer's processing and assembly.

Installation clearance is also known as mating clearance, that is, the clearance of the bearing, shaft and bearing housing when mounted but not yet in operation.The installation gap is smaller than the original gap due to interference with the installation or the inner ring is larger, or the outer ring is smaller, or both.

The inspection of radial clearance is as follows:

Sensing method

Hand rotary bearing, bearing should be smooth, flexible and no convergence.

2. The outer ring of the bearing is moved by hand. Even if the radial clearance is only 0.01mm, the axial movement of the bearing vertex is 0.10~0.15mm.

Method of measurement

Use the gauge to confirm that the maximum load portion of the rolling bearing is inserted into the plug between the 180° rolling bearing and the outer (inner) ring, with the appropriate thickness of the plug being the radial clearance of the bearing.This method is widely used in aligning bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.

Check with the micrometer, set the micrometer zero, then lift the outer ring of the rolling bearing, micrometer reading is the radial clearance of the bearing.

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