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What is the structure of the rolling bearing

What is the structure of the rolling bearing


Roller bearing outer ring is cylindrical roller bearing, the outer ring wall is thick, the outer diameter surface of the roller is cylindrical and arc, according to the use of the design and raceway surface matching roller.With the outer ring, the roller can roll directly on the raceway and bear heavy load and impact load.

Combination roller bearing is composed of main roller, side roller, shaft head and cover plate.

The bearing adopts sealing structure and is filled with grease to provide long-term effective lubrication. The user may have no lubrication.For harsh working conditions, lubricating grease can be designed to supplement the channel to improve the service life of the bearing.Improper way can also cause rolling bearing heating.Through wetting

Sliding can reduce the wear of moving parts, ensure the precision of the press, reduce energy consumption.Lubrication can be divided into thin oil lubrication, concentrated oil lubrication.

Combination of roller bearings

The main roller

The main roller is the most important carrier of a set of composite rollers, which mainly bears vertical load and impact load, and has strong impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.Since the main roller is a full load roller bearing, it can also be used as a one-way bearing.

2. Side roller

The side roller is the second carrier of a set of composite rollers, which mainly bears the horizontal load, and has strong impact resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. The shaft head

The shaft head is part of the connection between the composite roller and the machine equipment.The shaft head is usually designed to be chamfered for easy installation and can be welded directly to the equipment.The shaft head can also be welded to a connecting plate with a round hole, and the connecting plate and equipment can also be assembled.

4, cover

The function of the cover plate is to install side rollers in the shaft head, and install the main roller nut on the outside of the shaft head, and glue the thread on the end of the shaft head together, and glue the important parts together.

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