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Miniature Bearings

Miniature Bearings


                                   Basic information editing
Miniature bearing refers to metric series, outside diameter is less than 9 mm;Inch series, all kinds of bearing outside diameter less than 9.525 mm.Main material is carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, etc., the minimum can do 0.6 mm inner diameter, inner diameter of 1 mm more commonly.
Product features editor

In ultra small aperture in the miniature bearing, miniature deep groove ball bearing type has the metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, etc., inch on a total of 6 R series, based on this, also can be divided into with ZZ steel dust cover bearing series, rubber sealing ring with RS miniature bearing series, teflon bearings seals series and flanged penal series and so on.

682 682ZZ MR52 MR52ZZ 692 692ZZ 683 683ZZ MR83 MR83ZZ 693 693ZZ 603 603ZZ 623 623ZZ MR74 MR74ZZ MR84 MR84ZZ 684 684ZZ MR104 MR104ZZ 694 694ZZ 604 604ZZ 624 624ZZ MR85 MR85ZZ MR95 MR95ZZ MR105 MR105ZZ 685 685ZZ MR115ZZ 695ZZ 605ZZ 625ZZ MR106 MR106ZZ MR126 MR126ZZ 686 686ZZ 696ZZ 606ZZ 626ZZ MR117 MR117ZZ MR137 MR137ZZ 687 687ZZ 607ZZ 627ZZ MR128 MR128ZZ MR148 MR148ZZ 688 688ZZ 698ZZ 608ZZ MR149 MR149ZZ 689 689ZZ 609ZZ 629ZZ 639ZZ

Main use edit
Miniature bearing is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor of high speed low noise field, such as:
Office equipment, micro motor, instrument, laser engraving, small clock, soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, drive motor, stepping motor, VCR magnetic drum, toy models, computer cooling fan, paper, fax machine, and so on related areas.
Note to edit
1, placing a yoke of iron on the host's face.
2. Insert the plug into a control switch electrical outlet.
3, check the ground wire are in good condition, after electrify use test pencil tests.
4, press the start button, the host electricity.
5, check the yoke iron on earth should be no voltage.
6, press the stop button host blackouts, stop heating.
7, according to different specifications of the miniature bearing or other artifacts, choose different yoke iron on, put the yoke iron on the top of the host, should be consistent with flat and level.
8, heating miniature bearing, insert the sensor sensing socket, and sensor close to the heated workpieces.
Failure causes editor
About 40% in miniature ball bearing failure is made up of dust, dirt and debris pollution and corrosion.Pollution is usually not correct use and the use of bad environment, it can also cause torque and noise problem.By the environment and pollution produced by the miniature bearing failure can be prevented, and through simple macroscopic observation is can determine the causes of such failure.As long as reasonable use and install, the miniature bearing is easy to avoid erosion.Denudation is characterized by in the path of the miniature bearing ring rolling have produced by impact load or incorrect installation of indentation.Denudation is usually happened when load exceed the material yield limit.If the installation is not correct to make a load across the miniature bearing ring also can produce denudation.Miniature bearing ring on pit will produce noise, vibration and the additional torque.[2]

The solution to edit
Because of miniature bearing heating for different reasons, so the solution is different also, here is the miniature bearing overheating temperature of the solution:
1, filling grease, so-called arming method is to fill in the right amount of grease bearings working surface on a regular basis, is one of the most common way of grease lubrication.
2, oil cup, oil cup is set on bearing cap unscrewing type oil or oil pressure oil cup, regularly turn screw cap inject grease or oil gun.This is a common way of grease lubrication.
3, pressure for fat method, for fat method is depend on the grease pump for fat.At this time should be chosen liquid grease.

4, for fat method, concentrate by grease pump for lipid concentrate method, at the same time the deep groove ball bearings and other components for fat.Again, this time should be chosen grease flowing features good, oxidation and corrosion resistance of lubricating grease, is also a kind of pressure for fat method.

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