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Bearing vibration

Bearing vibration


Influencing factors of bearing vibration:

1. Roundness, waviness and surface roughness of the steel ball surface are the factors that have the greatest influence on vibration of each bearing part;

2. Secondly, the shape error and surface roughness of the inner ring and outer ring channel;

3, again is the bearing cleanliness and lubricant quality

Knowledge of bearing vibration:

1. The physical quantities characterizing the bearing vibration include vibration displacement, vibration velocity and vibration acceleration.

2. The vibration system composed of the steel degree, flexibility, mass and damping determined by the design parameters of the bearing structure will produce vibration corresponding to its mechanics under operating conditions.

3. The vibration caused by the deviation in manufacturing and processing, the smaller the deviation, the smaller the vibration.

4. Operating conditions: installation conditions, rotation speed, axial load direction and quantity value, etc.

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