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Y- bearing with eccentric locking ring

Y- bearing with eccentric locking ring


Y-bearing with eccentric locking ring (y-bearing) :

With a section of eccentric extension, the y-bearing with eccentric locking ring is mainly suitable for applications where it is inconvenient to fix the rotation direction.The side of the bearing inner ring.Fit with locking ring.Turn the locking ring on the extension section of the inner ring in the direction of rotation to lock the ring and the bearing onto the shaft.A flat head screw is used to tighten the ring further to the shaft. 


SKF offers two standard series:


Its inner ring is extended on one side. One is the YET2 series of y-bearings.Strong Superagris seals are provided on both sides.The eccentric locking ring is covered with galvanized coating.Specification outer ring with two lubrication holes. 


Make the bearing run more smoothly.These bearings are fitted with sturdy gauge Superagris seals and YEL2 series y-bearings with inner rings protruded from both sides.This helps to reduce the axial tilt of the inner ring.And one of the following two oil retaining rings:


The type suffix is 2F oil baffle ring made of ordinary steel sheet.


The steel plate oil retaining ring with rubber sealing lip (multiple sealing) type suffix is 2RF


The outer ring shall be in standard form with two lubrication holes.SKF can also provide bearings without refueling holes as required by customers.These bearings are denoted by the suffix W. 


Such SKF bearings are included


Suitable for bearings with diameter range of 15-60mm and metric shaft. 


Applicable diameters range from 1/2 to 215/16 inches.Bearings for the British shaft.

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