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Cleaning method of motor bearings

Cleaning method of motor bearings


Generally, the motor should be cleaned and oiled after 2000 hours of use.There are two cleaning methods for bearings:

1, hot oil cleaning method due to the use of long time, soft dry oil or rust prevention paste hardening of the bearing, should be immersed in 100 -- 200℃ of hot oil, clamp the bearing with pliers, brush clean oil on the bearing with a brush.When the soft dry oil or anti-rust paste is heated to 100-200 ℃, it will melt and wash out easily from the cracks in the bearing.Sometimes just shake the bearing in the oil many times.Oil will also run through the cracks.

When cleaning the old motor or the imported motor of the centripetal spherical bearing, the ball, ball frame, inner ring from the outer ring of the lateral rotation and then immersed in hot oil, short cylindrical roller bearing cleaning should also be the roller, ball frame, inner ring and outer ring off.

In hot oil cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20℃.If use open flame to heat directly, should pay attention to prevent the oil burning, bearing to be suspended in the oil pot, bottom will cause overheating and reduce the hardness.

Two, general cleaning method put the bearing in kerosene immersion 5 -- 10 minutes, one hand hold the inner ring, the other hand turn the outer ring, the dry oil on the bearing or rust cream will fall down.Then put the bearing into the cleaner kerosene, brush with fine soft brush, the ball and the oil in the gap to wash, and then put in the gasoline to clean 1 time, after taking out on clean paper.When cleaning centripetal spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings, the ball, ball frame, inner ring and outer ring shall be separated and cleaned.

The cleaning of bearings mounted on the shaft mainly depends on the method of pouring oil or spraying oil gun.It is difficult to clean off the oil, first with 100-200℃ hot oil or oil gun injection, and then clean with gasoline.Must pay attention to do not scrape the bearing with sharp tools: hard oil or rust, so as not to damage the bearing rolling body and groove ring part of the smoothness, wash the bearing with a clean cloth.

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