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Lubrication characteristics of iron and steel metallurgical machinery (part 1)

Lubrication characteristics of iron and steel metallurgical machinery (part 1)


1. Lubrication of iron making and sintering equipment

Ironmaking and sintering equipment such as coking machine, coke pushing machine, limestone and ore sintering equipment, large blower, ore bucket traction wire rope and other top equipment, cupra furnace, blast furnace, belt conveyor, etc., most of the exposure to the atmosphere and dust, corrosive dust environment, easy to suffer from corrosion, abrasive wear and cavitation.To the corresponding bearing, gear, worm gear, hydraulic system, wire rope should be lubricated.Coking machinery due to frequent exposure to the coal dust in the air, so must be sealed lubrication, such as the furnace door switch and bottom turning car and water pouring cold car hydraulic system, generally should use water - ethylene glycol and other flammable hydraulic fluid;Belt conveyor shaft to use lithium or composite calcium base grease lubrication.Coke pushing machine work indirectly, and is impact load, in the coal dust and high temperature environment, need to use heat, water resistance good extreme pressure lithium base grease or use antioxidant, rustproof extreme pressure lubricating oil for circulation lubrication, hydraulic system also need to use refractory hydraulic fluid.Gas purification and chemical by-products recovery part of the machinery, because of dust and corrosive smoke, so such as the gas exhaust machine used lubricant should be containing antioxidant anti-rust type turbine oil, and the application of a filter circulation lubrication system.Limestone and ore sintering equipment, often in dust and vibration and high temperature conditions, so the use of complex calcium, complex lithium, bentonite or complex aluminum base grease.Large blast furnace, ore bucket traction wire rope and other top equipment can generally adopt zero or one extreme pressure lithium grease dry oil lubrication system for lubrication, the top of the furnace machinery available phosphate ester refractory liquid as the hydraulic medium.Hot metal charter car load is large, high temperature, the drop point is greater than 125℃ extreme pressure lithium grease lubrication.

2. Lubrication of steel making equipment

The operation of modern steel furnace is controlled by computer with high degree of automation.In the oxygen converter equipment, the oxygen converter is supported by the limit rotating shaft, the supporting rolling bearing is lubricated with lithium molybdenum disulfide grease, the static pressure bearing and the polytetrachloroethylene oil pad, also can be lubricated with grease.Converter drive gear load or heavy load industrial gear oil lubrication.The main auxiliary equipment such as exhaust fan, motor, charging crane and crane have many lubrication points, which are lubricated with the corresponding lubricating grease dry oil lubrication system, driving gear commonly used oil bath lubrication.The rolling bearings of the continuous casting machine, including the turntable of the casting machine, the crown wheel, the mould swinging device and the ingot taking stand, are generally lubricated with the complex aluminum grease under high temperature.Mold lubrication is to prevent mold wear and adhesion of lubricants.The hydraulic medium of continuous casting is usually water-glycol or phosphate ester.

3. Oil for metallurgical equipment

1) sintering equipment: belt machine: 150 industrial gear oil;Disc feeder: 150 industrial gear oil;Elastic slideway of sintering machine: no. 1 composite aluminum base grease;Sintering machine smoke machine bearing: HL32 hydraulic oil;Sintering machine trolley wheel bearings: composite aluminum base grease;Raw materials grab crane: 150 industrial gear oil;No. 2 general lithium base grease for wheel bearings;

2) ironmaking equipment: blast furnace turbine blower: HL32 hydraulic oil;Electric mud gun machine: no. 320 industrial gear oil for gear transmission;Dami silk orange and thrust bearing: no. 2 general lithium base grease;Charging winch of blast furnace: no. 220 industrial gear oil;Steel wire rope of loading winch: ZM type steel wire rope grease;The sealing device of the furnace top cloth and the large and small bell rod is lubricated centrally: the waste oil after filtration;Weighing car: axle oil for running axle bush;Air compressor: no. 100 reciprocating compressor oil;: 150 industrial gear oil;Centralized lubrication system: no. 1 composite aluminum base grease;Hydraulic system: l-hl32 hydraulic oil;Hot blast furnace: l-ckc100 industrial gear oil for all kinds of valves, semi-fluid lithium grease for open gear.

3) steelmaking equipment: open hearth reversing valve worm gear: no.460 industrial gear oil;Open hearth blower rolling bearing: no. 2 general lithium base grease;Metallurgical crane (iron water tank crane, ingot crane, ingot stripping crane) : 320, 460 industrial gear oil for each part, no. 1 composite aluminum base grease for centralized lubrication system, ZM type steel wire rope grease, semi-fluid lithium base grease for open gear, 320, 460 industrial gear oil for worm gear;Mixed iron furnace: 320, 460 industrial gear oil, centralized lubrication system with no. 1 composite aluminum base;Raw material crane (magnetic crane, grab crane) : with 150 industrial gear oil, wheel bearings with no.2 general lithium base grease, steel wire rope with ZM type steel wire rope grease.

4) steel rolling equipment: thin oil system on the rolling line: 460 industrial gear oil (medium and heavy load);Concentrate on dry oil lubrication system: no. 1 composite aluminum base grease;Main motor bearing thin oil lubrication system: 32, 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil (oil film bearing oil);Open gear: semi-fluid lithium grease.Note: industrial gear oil can be used l-ckb, l-ckc or l-ckc, l-ckd (medium and heavy load) industrial closed gear oil.

Lubrication characteristics of rolling mill

1. Lubrication of steel rolling equipment

(1) rolling mill: its main equipment includes rolling mill working frame, universal joint shaft and its balancing device, gear frame, main coupling shaft, motor coupling shaft and motor, front and rear coiler and uncoiler, etc.

(2) the rolling mill of lubrication requirements: dry oil lubrication, such as the input of the furnace in hot strip rolling mill kun, pushing steel machine and discharging machine, kun, frame, rolling mill, mill work kun, kun road, mill screwdown, cardan shaft and support, head machine, looping, guide, cutting output kun, folding machine, coiling machine, washing machine, double spindle cutting machine, shearing machine, disc, such as broken edge machine, cut machine is used for oil lubrication;Thin oil circulation lubrication, such as baosteel 2030 five-stand cold tandem rolling mill as an example, strip cooling and lubrication of the emulsion system and the oil feeding system of the uncoiler, five machines, feed rollers, rolling shear, guide rollers, steering rollers and coiler, gear oil, and the oil film bearing system of each frame;High speed high precision rolling mill bearings, oil mist lubrication and oil and gas lubrication.

(3) common media for rolling mill process lubrication and cooling: in the process of rolling, in order to reduce the friction between rolling rollers and rolling materials, reduce rolling force and power consumption, make rolling materials easy to extend, control rolling temperature, and improve the quality of rolling products, it is necessary to add process lubrication cooling media between rolling rollers and rolling materials.

The basic requirements for rolling mill process lubrication cooling medium are: appropriate oil;Good cooling capacity;Good antioxidant stability, rust resistance and physicochemical index stability;Good filtering performance;Good washing and cleaning effect on roller and product surface;Good annealing performance for cold rolled strip steel;No harm to human health;Easy access to oil source, low cost.There are many kinds of lubricating and cooling media for rolling mill.Here is a brief introduction as follows: rolled aluminum strip, aluminum foil, with the addition of kerosene as cooling lubricating medium.Wugang 1700 cold rolling mill, rolling emulsion in summer 45-50 ℃, winter 50-55 ℃, the mass fraction of the emulsion is 1.2-4.5%, the highest mass fraction is 7%, commonly used for more than 30%.The concentration of thin strip is higher and that of thick strip is lower.The emulsified oil was tested every 8 hours for PH value, mass fraction and iron soap index. Comprehensive analysis and test were conducted once a week.

2. Lubricating oil and grease used for rolling mill lubrication

(1) lubricating oil and grease often used in rolling mill: medium and small power gear reducer: LAN68, l-an100 total loss system oil or medium load industrial gear oil;Small-sized rolling mill: l-an100, l-an150 full-loss system oil or medium-load industrial gear oil;Gear, worm gear, sprocket for high load and harsh conditions: medium and heavy load industrial gear oil;Rolling mill transmission gear and press down device, shear, pusher: rolling oil, medium and heavy load industrial gear oil;Rolling steel oil film bearing: oil film bearing oil;Dry oil centralized lubrication system, rolling bearing: no. 1, no. 2 lithium base grease or compound lithium base grease;Heavy machinery, rolling mill: no. 3, no. 4, no. 5 lithium base fat or compound lithium base fat;Dry oil centralized lubrication system, rolling mill roller: calender grease (no. 1 for winter, no. 2 for summer) or extreme pressure lithium base grease, medium and heavy load industrial gear oil;Dry oil concentrated lubrication system, gear box, coupling 1700 mill: composite calcium lead grease, medium and heavy load industrial gear oil.(2) selection of lubrication forms for typical parts of rolling mill: thin oil circulation lubrication (including section cooling and lubrication system) is adopted for the cooling and cooling system of rolling mill's working roller.The working roller and supporting roller bearings of rolling mill are generally lubricated with dry oil.Reducer of rolling mill gear base, motor bearing and electric pressure device is lubricated with thin oil circulation.Roller path, coupling, universal joint shaft and its balancing mechanism, plane guide friction pair of rolling mill window are lubricated by dry oil.

3. Introduction to common lubricating system of rolling mill

(1) concentrated lubricating system of thin oil and dry oil: different lubricating systems and methods are adopted on the rolling mill due to the great difference between the structure and lubrication requirements of various rolling mills.For example, some simple structure of sliding bearings, rolling bearings, components can be used oil cup, oil ring and other monomer dispersed lubrication.For the more important friction pair of the complex machine, thin oil or dry oil centralized lubrication system is used.From the perspective of driving mode, the centralized lubrication system can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic operating systems, and from the perspective of pipeline layout, it can be divided into throttling type, single-wire type, double-wire type, multi-wire type and progressive type.

(2) rolling mill process lubrication system: according to the working conditions and the use of different media, the pressure of rolling mill process lubrication system is usually about 0.4-1.8MPa, the flow rate per minute can be large to several hundred to several thousand liters, the medium filtration accuracy is less than 5 metric meters.The common nozzle and section cooling device spray the medium onto the rolling roller and the rolling material.So, to eject medium, oil (medium) liquid temperature by pressure, temperature control valve control.

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