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Preparation of bearing routine inspection

Preparation of bearing routine inspection


1.Turn the outer ring and carefully flush the junction of the cage, roller and raceway, requiring that any remaining traces of the original oil in concealed areas be thoroughly removed.After cleaning and cleaning the bearing, the attached cleaning oil should be drizzled and dried on the work table lined with clean neutral lining paper, or slowly dried in the far-infrared oven.Do not rotate the bearing ring, stand or any rolling element during the whole process from washing oil to drying or drying.The oil seal of the rolling bearing shall be removed before it is delivered for routine inspection and immersed in a 3% oil wash or acid-free kerosene. 

2.The lubricating oil shall be dripped into the bearing as specified and immediately delivered for inspection, which has been dried or dried.At this time, the outer surface of the bearing is not protected by oil film. During the whole inspection process, the skin of human hands shall not be directly touched. The operator should wear clean gloves or apply anti-rust agent on the hand. 

3.Should be immediately delivered for use or anti-rust inventory treatment, the entire inspection process should be completed, bearing in the inspection.So as not to last too long to cause corrosion.Note that cleaning with pure gasoline without oil will also cause corrosion.

4.Have dry or drying bearing should, in accordance with the provisions, drip into the lubricating oil and check for immediate delivery, no oil film bearing outer surface protection, in the whole process of inspection shall not directly touch the skin of hands, the operator should wear clean gloves, or hand coated with anti-rust agent, but the rust inhibitor must avoid hand bearing with the rolling surface, otherwise it will result in deviation of measurement results.

5. The bearing should be delivered for use or anti-rust inventory treatment immediately after the inspection, and the whole inspection process should be completed as soon as possible, so as to avoid corrosion caused by too much time.Note that cleaning with pure gasoline without oil will also cause corrosion.

6. The bearing should also be placed on a metal plate in the inspection site together with the measuring blocks, standard parts and measuring instruments used for inspection before inspection, so that the temperature of these objects can be homogenized and room-temperature changed quickly.

Obviously, only by doing the above preparation work strictly can the accuracy of the inspection result be guaranteed and the bearing will not rust during the whole inspection process.

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