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Evolutionary Bearings Able To Move Machinery In Special Environments

Evolutionary Bearings Able To Move Machinery In Special Environments

Evolutionary bearings able to move machinery in special environments

Semiconductors, liquid crystal and their component, high-performance film, are an accumulation of state-of-the-art technologies and indispensable to our modern day lives. The performance of these products is improving day by day and the parts used in the manufacturing equipment that make such products are required to operate in extremely harsh environments, such as clean, high-temperature and corrosive environments. "Special Environment Bearing Series Ceramic Bearings - EXSEV Bearings" are bearings developed by leveraging material, surface treatment and lubrication technologies to withstand a variety of tough environments.

Bearings for thermal processing film formation equipment

Thermal processing film formation equipment adopt special bearings capable of lubrication even at high temperatures.


Bearings for exposure equipment

Bearings of exposure equipment are used in strong magnetic fields therefore are made from non-magnetic ceramic.


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