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Characteristics, chemical composition and process performance of S20c steel

Characteristics, chemical composition and process performance of S20c steel


S20c steel characteristics: S20c steel belongs to low-carbon carbon steel, with low strength, good toughness, plasticity and weldability.Yield strength ≥245Mpa, tensile strength ≥400Mpa, elongation ≥28%.Normalizing can promote the spheroidization of tissue, refine large block proeutectoid ferrite, and improve the machinability of raw embryos (hardness < 160HBW) similar to SKD61 mold steel

Chemical composition

Chemical composition (mass fraction) of S20c steel: C0.18%-0.23%, Si0.15%-0.35%, Mn0.30%-0.60%, P≤0.030%, S≤0.035%

Refer to the corresponding brand

China GB/JB standard grade 20, China Taiwan CNS standard grade S20C, German DIN standard material number skd11 steel, Germany DIN standard grade CK22 / C22, British BS standard grade IC22, France AFNOR standard grade CC20, French NF standard grade C22, Italian UNI standard grade C20C21 NBN, Belgium, Sweden SS standard grade standard brand C25-1, 1450, the Spanish UNE standard grade F 112, the American AISI/SAE standard grade 1020, Japanese JIS standard grade sKh51 die steel.

Critical point temperature

Ac1 = 720-845 ℃, Ar1 = 815-730 ℃

Heat treatment specification

Specification for the softening treatment of cold pressed wool embryo: the softening temperature is 700-720℃, the holding temperature is 8-15h, and the cooling rate is 50-100℃/h, and the temperature is reduced to ≤550-600℃.Hardness ≤143HBW before treatment and 131HBW after treatment.

Normalizing specification: normalizing temperature 870-920℃, air cooling.

Annealing temperature: about 860℃, with furnace cooling.

Quenching specifications: quenching temperature (910±10) ℃, cooling in 10% NaC1 salt water.

Application, for example,

1) Serrated locking washer punching die.The cold die is used for stamping 65Mn steel strip with hardness of 179-217HBW.T10 steel was originally used, with a hardness of 48-50HRC and a service life of less than 1500 times;After that, Cr12MoV steel is adopted with a hardness of 48-50HRC and a service life of 3000 times, while S20C steel is adopted with a salt water quenching and skH55 mold steel is directly used without tempering with a hardness of 46-48HRC and a service life of up to 30,000-40,000 times.

2) It can be used for cold extrusion punches, heavy duty cold heading punches, 10-25mm medium thick steel plate punching punches and small punches with diameter less than 5-6mm, and also for small and medium-sized punches of austenitic steel, spring steel and high-strength steel plate.

3) Small cold punching and shearing tools with high service life

4) Powder metallurgy pressing die

Guide post, guide sleeve, push plate guide post, push plate guide sleeve of plastic mould

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