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The destruction of the rolling bearing form - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Rolling bearing damage form rolling imported bearing in the process of operation, the fruit appear the phenomenon of abnormal heat, vibration and noise suddenly increased, showed that rolling bearing import may have damage, should be timely check and analyze the reasons. Common failure modes are: 1, the fatigue spalling in rolling bearing raceway or imports roller surface, as a result of the action of alternating load under the contact surface metal flake peeling, and gradually expand to form pits. If continue to operate, it will form the area of spalling. Due to improper installation or bearing hole and shaft centerline tilt reason will make local area under high load in the bearing fatigue damage. 2, crack and fracture of the material defects and improper heat treatment, the interference fit the amount is too large, combination, improper design, such as supporting surface groove and cause stress concentration and so on, to form a ring cracks and fracture. 3, indentation when external hard material into the bearing, and the pressure between the roller and raceway, can make the roll surface indentation. In addition, excessive impact load can make contact surface local plastic deformation and form pits. Even when the bearing static load is small, due to the vibration of the surrounding environment will also be in roll forming uniform distribution of pits. 4, wear when rolling bearing seal is bad, make the dust or particulate matter into the bearings, or poor lubrication, serious abrasion or wear will cause the contact surface, and the bearing vibration and noise increased. 5, the current corrosion current through bearings, electric spark that will produce little, cause the contact surface and partial annealing appear small pit or black spot. Severe cases into the pits will appear larger. 6, rust water or acid, alkali, salt substances such as bearing lubricant or improper selection will reference bearing corrosion, precision bearing even slight corrosion will make the bearing damaged. 7, maintains a rolling bearing damage, especially high-speed bearing, due to the lack of lubricant, making maintains contact with the roller or ring wear, impact, and even lead to maintain the frame fracture. Bearing dustproof sealing ring seal imports bearing life largely depends on the sealing performance of the commonly used imported bearing seal for folding frame, it usually open cover installation, main disadvantage is that: elastic strength is poor, assembly performance is not good, poor sealing performance. Imported bearing dustproof seal structure of hooked edge, compared with the existing technology has the following advantages: good seal performance, sealing strength is high, the reason for the skeleton hooked edge structure is effective to increase the flexibility of sealing ring, the maximum compensation the threaded size spread bad influence, it not only by the seal elastomer elastic, and the effects of the elasticity and strength edge structure, raised the qualification rate capping, and can machine pressure, effective pressure.
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