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Cleaning and anti-rust sealing of finished bearings

Cleaning and anti-rust sealing of finished bearings


(1) The non-water-soluble dirt is mainly animal and vegetable oils or mineral oils, gas film adsorbed on the metal surface, skin secretions in hand sweat, soap dirt, or very finely distributed solids.

(2) Water-soluble dirt includes dust, water-soluble inorganic salts, marking ink, oxide layer, or chemical deposits produced by other chemical changes.

Commonly used cleaning fluids can be roughly divided into petroleum solvents (gasoline, kerosene, diesel), chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents (trichloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.), strong alkaline or weak alkaline cleaning aqueous solutions, and non-ionic Several types of surfactants are used for cleaning aqueous solutions. The cleaning process adopts mechanical or manual dipping, spraying or ultrasonic cleaning, gas (trichloroethylene) cleaning, and other types.

Generally speaking, in order to clean oil and grease, solvents or cleaning solutions with surfactants can be used for immersion or spray cleaning. The removal of dust, abrasives, and other solid materials mainly depend on methods such as spraying, brushing, or ultrasonic cleaning. For the adhesion of water-soluble dirt, it is advisable to use an aqueous solution to clean it. For those steel parts with magnetism, the magnetism should be demagnetized in the demagnetizer before cleaning, otherwise, the wear debris attached to it will be difficult to wash off.

Packaging is to solves the problems of anti-rust, anti-mildew, anti-moisture, and anti-breakage during the storage and transportation of the bearing. According to the precision grade and category of the bearing, the environmental conditions and storage life of the warehouse, and the requirements of product transportation, different oil seal packaging techniques should be adopted. The current sealing methods of bearings are divided into rust-proof grease sealing, vapor-phase rust-proof paper sealing, water-based rust-proofing agent sealing, rust-proof oil, and vapor-phase paper comprehensive rust-proof sealing.

(1) Cleaning of finished bearings

The cleaning of bearing products is an extremely important process for bearing rust prevention. It must be cleaned between processes, after heat treatment, and during assembly. Unclean cleaning often affects the quality of processing and assembly and product rust prevention. The cleaning process before the bearing oil seal is particularly important.

(2) Anti-rust storage of finished bearings

After cleaning, the bearing is dried immediately to remove surface moisture, and then oiled and sealed with anti-rust oil. Only when a complete oil film is formed can the expected anti-rust effect be produced.

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