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Bearing support selection to consider the problem

Bearing support selection to consider the problem


How to define the position of the axis, including radial and axial positions, is the first problem to be considered.In general, the shaft adopts double support structure. The radial position of the shaft is limited by two supports.The axial displacement of one direction can be restricted by two supports and the axial displacement of two directions can be restricted by one support.Therefore, the specific scheme of axial positioning should be selected according to the operating accuracy and working conditions of the shaft when designing the supporting structure. 

Under the condition of bearing radial load and axial load at the same time, angular contact bearing and tapered roller bearing are often used to mount in pairs.Angular contact bearings are mounted in pairs in three ways.Two bearings outer ring wide end face relative installation said back to back installation.The point of action of the two supporting forces falls out of the supporting span.This arrangement because the support span is large, when the shaft cantilever steel is good, when the shaft is heated elongation, the inner and outer ring is off the trend, so the shaft will not be stuck, so it is used more widely.However, if preload installation is used, the preload will be reduced when the shaft is heated.Two bearings outer ring narrow end face relative installation said face - to - face installation.The two supporting force points fall within the supporting span.This arrangement is simple in structure, convenient in assembling and disassembling and debugging, so it is widely used. It is mainly used for short shafts and occasions with low temperature rise, but it must be noted that spare clearance must be left.Axial clearance should not be too large, too large will reduce the shaft operating accuracy.When the axial load is large and multiple bearings are needed to bear at the same time, the series installation method of bearing outer ring width and narrow surface is often adopted.All the bearing force operating points fall on the same side of the bearing, so it is said to be in the same direction, also known as series.In this arrangement, attention should be paid to ensure that each bearing can bear the load as evenly as possible in structure and manufacture. 

Machine in operation, the temperature of the general spindle or drive shaft is higher than the temperature of the adjacent parts, so the shaft will heat up elongation.In order to keep the rotation of the shaft flexible, in the design of supporting structure, while meeting the requirements of axial positioning accuracy, the requirements of free expansion of the shaft under heat should be considered.There is a correspondence between axial positioning and axial scaling. 

Bearing clearance is adjusted to control the running accuracy of the shaft.The axial position of the shaft is adjusted to meet the special requirements of some meshing drives.For example, in worm drive, the worm axis must fall in the middle plane of the worm wheel to ensure that it meshes correctly, thus requiring the worm wheel shaft to adjust its position in the axial direction.In the bevel gear transmission, the notional conical cone of two bevel gears must coincide with each other.

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